100 Niche Reviews Project

For Reluctant Marketers

You’re an online coach, healer or service provider and you’ve been trying to "niche down” for six months or more. 

Yet, the clarity, focus and direction alludes you.

This niching stuff is holding you back from creating content, making invitations to work with you and generally putting yourself out there.

You've spent so much time and are just too close to your own stuff to see it any more.

What you’ve tried….

  • Filling out niching worksheets

  • Broad marketing workshops and group programs

  • Battling with “I help” niching formulas

  • Constantly changing how you describe your work seeking something that resonates and has people say, “oh, that’s me!”

If only…

You could get some personal, thoughtful and constructive feedback on what about your niche was clear and how you could strengthen it. So you can grab attention and start a conversation with your soulmate clients. Without having to cram yourself into a cringe box or formula.

Welcome to the 100 Niche Reviews Project

Simply signup and answer a few questions about your niche and you'll get a voice note in your inbox with personalized feedback letting you know where it's strong and where there's room to improve. 

What’s this project about…

One of my rants is that so much business support is inaccessible, especially for those who are learning how to attract clients consistently. 

It's either expensive or you get limited personalized support. 

I’m excited to offer this support for free for 100 entrepreneurs to (gently) and swiftly kick them into gear.

I’d love for you to follow along on the progress of the 100 Niche Review Project on Instagram or Facebook (@courageouslyamandajane) and share with others you think would benefit!

The details...

Sign up with your name and email and you’ll be sent a short form. Once you complete that I’ll send you a voicenote within a week. 

These are usually between 8-16 minutes long where I’ll share where it's strong and where there's room to go deeper to attract your next soulmate client.