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Do you ever feel like life is just too hard and you want to shut down and hide? Maybe you turn to food for relief, or an extra glass of wine, or scrolling on your phone for hours. These things make you feel better in the moment, but worse in the long run.

What if you could learn how to tolerate your feelings more easily and let them go so that they don't hold you back? What if this were something that you could do any time you wanted?

Imagine feeling light instead of out of sorts, a sense of relief instead of stuck and heavy, empowered instead of full of resentment. 

It's all possible.

In this free webinar I will teach you proven techniques to help you:

  • handle difficult emotions in a way that makes you feel better, not worse

  • handle challenges so they don’t overwhelm you

  • stay connected to yourself rather than shutting down and tapping out

  • speak up about your needs by understanding them first

  • engage fully in your life and let go of what's holding you back!

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