A Christmas Gift for Online Entrepreneurs:

13 Free Masterclasses

How does it work?

  • 13 x 1 hour of brand new free educational content (no sales pitch)
  • Masterclasses will be delivered live over Christmas, from Dec. 25 to Jan. 5
  • Recording will be available for limited time

Who prepared the masterclasses?

12 masterclasses will be delivered by Sigrun Gudjonsdottir, one of the best European business coaches, a renowned podcast host and the author of the Kickstart your online business bestseller.

She will talk about the inside of her multiple 7 figure business, how to find the perfect online course idea, how to explode your email list or sell high end programs and much more.

I will deliver the 13th bonus masterclass on how I grew an online fitness business to 6 figures in one year and what is specific to the online fitness market. I am Barbora, an ex-google engineer, founder and business strategist.

    How can you get the masterclasses?

    1. Sign up for my bonus masterclass through this website.

    2. After the sign up, you will be redirected to Sigrun's website where you can sign up for her 12 remaining masterclasses.

    3. Get all information through email (check Promotions/Spam and move to Inbox).

      Several years ago while still working at Google, I stumbled upon Sigrun's Christmas masterclasses and they changed my life. I became addicted to the topic of online business strategy and studied everything I could about it.

      Thanks to all the new knowledge, I founded a profitable online business, and then another one..

      Now I have come full circle and started working with Sigrun!

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