Ready to Elevate Your Business Online Service Business? 💥

You're in the right place..

Tell me.. does any of this sound familiar?

❎ You're an Online Service provider who wants to take their business further and grow..

❎ You're currently at capacity or close to it with your more traditional Clients..

​❎ You have of tons of ideas to grow & scale but they always seem to end up on the back burner..

​❎ You feel blocked when it comes to reaching the next level in your business.. Even though you might have the "know how".

​❎ And honestly, business is a little lonely! It can be tough to motivate yourself to take the action.

I feel you.. 

And the Mini Mind is designed for you!


✨ Becoming crystal clear on what you really want from your business..

Elevating your status to reflect your experience within the industry..

✨ Being viewed as an expert rather than the OSP that just works in the background..

✨ FINALLY getting your ideas off the ground and in motion!

✨ Having clarity and confidence on your next steps..

✨ And shifting your mindset so you start running things like a CEO..

The Elevate Mini Mind will equip and empower you to make all of this your reality!

How It Works ⚡️

Over 8 Weeks..

🔷 1: 1 Coaching - You will have two private coaching calls with Ellie. One at the beginning & another at the end of the program

🔷 Mini Mind Community Area - You will join the private Mini Mind community area where you can learn, ask questions & most importantly and get to know the rest of the group

🔷 Group Coaching - There will be weekly group calls where you will work together with the rest of the group & have the opportunity to tap into a hive mind of experienced OSP's​

🔷 Accountability - Ellie will be checking in with you both privately and in the group over the 8 weeks to ensure you are staying on track and heading in the right direction!

What People Are Saying 📣

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Mini Mind Alum

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Mini Mind Alum

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