You need a daily dose of strength to live sexually pure because,

You are tired of rising and falling.

You are seen as sexually pure on the outside, but behind closed doors you struggle with sexual sins and this breaks your heart.

You don't want to remain stuck in the cycle of sexual sin, repentance and sexual sin all over again. It is preventing you from focusing on and exceling in your other pursuits.

I understand because I also struggled with sexual sins

You don't have to continue struggling on your own. In this devotional, I teach you daily about sexual purity, why it is important, and how you can break addictions and overcome temptations.

Imagine what it would be like

To not have to repent over and again for the same sin.

To be able to focus on other aspects of your spiritual growth with a conscience free of guilt.

To build a relationship that is sexually pure and free of the concerns of fornication.

Yes, you can do this.

Choose to invest in your joy, peace of mind, spiritual growth and thriving relationship by getting a copy of 21 Days of Sexual Purity.