This guide is for the coach who...

- Has been meaning to launch their next big offer for a while now but somehow keeps delaying its execution, this guide is your companion to finally take that crucial step.

- Has never launched before and is feeling overwhelmed and daunted by the sheer breadth of tasks, this guide is here to provide you with a clear starting point.

- Is confused and questioning what type of content to share, which emails to dispatch, and what the optimal timing, this guide is poised to offer you comprehensive insights.

- Is seeking to craft a systematic and effective launch plan, this guide will aid you in creating a well-organised roadmap to adhere to.

- Has launched before but is looking to brush up on knowledge and plan a successful launch that gets results

No matter your situation, this guide is designed to support and guide you through the process of orchestrating a successful and impactful launch, ensuring that you conquer obstacles, clarify uncertainties, and formulate a precise plan to achieve your launching goals.

This guide will help you to...

- Efficiently strategise for your upcoming launch, ensuring a smooth process from start to finish.

- Gain crystal-clear direction on the type of content and emails to distribute, optimising your launch's potential for success.

- Navigate your launch journey without overlooking any critical steps, fostering a comprehensive and effective launch.

What's included...

- 19 page guide with all the knowledge to create and plan a successful launch 

- Social media content ideas & examples for pre-launch, pre-masterclass, masterclass & launch

- Email ideas & prompts for pre-launch, pre-masterclass, masterclass & launch 

- Workbook sections to plan out content, emails & masterclass 

- Masterclass planner to help plan out your masterclass 

- Overall launching checklist