Jump on this 30 Day Flatter Tummy Challenge, discover my flat belly secrets and how to CREATE your best shape at 40+ for 2024.

This stuff is so simple, and no, it’s NOT all about a strict diet, weight loss and loads of ‘hard core’ exercise!

Now I’m not saying food and movement don’t have a part to play in feeling slimmer round the middle, it does, BUT it’s not THE most important thing, even though Tik Tok and Instagram influencers, nutritionists and personal trainers would have you believe they are!

Why listen to me?

I could twitter on about my 33 years in the exercise and nutrition and functional medicine world or my qualifications as an eating disorders therapist blah, blah, blah,... but pictures speak louder than certificates.

The above are pics of me, Vicky Midwood, not doctored, or enhanced and I am over 50 in all of them!



I have reputation of always being ahead of the curve (usually by 10 years) so what I and many other well read,  science focused, educated health coaches and functional medicine practioners are saying now may hit the MAINSTREAM in 2035. 

Though realistically we know these GIANTS will NEVER admit cause or responsibily for their role in creating a society where Kids' lifespan is less than their parents, and the parents are sicker (mentally and physically)and fatter than ever before in history!  

I am TOTALLY fed up of women over 40 and 50 feeling like having a body they love is a lost cause!

I am sick of women feeling like they have to 'lose weight' and that means deprivation, restriction and hammering themselves in the gym. 

I am so over the total confusion women over feel about all the ‘advice’ being thrown at them by food companies, slimming clubs and fitness 'influencers' trying to make a profit out of their body dis-satisfaction.

INSTEAD, I'd love you to..

Discover for yourself what actually makes a difference and NO, IT'S NOT another diet and exercise video series! 

This challenge is about vanity, I want to look god over 50! But it's  NOT all about vanity its about health specifically its about reducing visceral fat as well as thigh, back and arm fat. 

Why is the focus on Visceral fat and not inches, weight or ‘dropping at dress size’ you may be wondering?


More energy, more confidence, fewer cravings and a flatter tummy!

We all want to look good and feel great especially at this time of year, right? 

This challenge is NOT all about vanity, but it does matter as we get older and we should own that! 

It is manily about HEALTH and it’s the focus on health that means that to create YOUR best shape for 2024 ...

    • YOU DON'T have to exercise like a lunatic for hours and hours in the gym. 
    • YOU DON'T count calories or weigh out portions and
    • YOU CERTAINLY DON'T fixate over ‘healthy food’ or ‘being good!’

    The reason I DON’T do any of those is because I wasted DECADES battling with bulimia and binge eating disorder as well alcohol dependence and exercise addiction. 

    Who this challenge is for?

    • Busy women over 40 who want a flatter belly without worrying about 'weight' 
    • Busy women over 40 who haven’t got hours to prep food or be in the gym.
    • Women over 40 worried about high blood pressure and cholesterol.
    • Women over 40 who already have or are worried about having type 2 diabetes.
    • Serial yo-yo dieters who are finally ready to 'get off the weight loss' wagon!

    And any women over 40 who is fed up of hating her belly!

    Who its NOT for:

    • Women who don't want to take action and invest in themselves. 
    • Women who want to stay attached to their struggles because its become their identity. 
    • Women who are looking for yet another 'one size fits all' diet and exercise programme (you won't ever get that from me!) 
    • Woman who are expecting to lose X pounds or X inches in X days or any other unrealistic and unachievable results in a short space of time.

    The challenge starts on 1st December and runs in a private Facebook group which you will be able to access once you sign up.