The R-R-R-R Roadmap

Say goodbye to the negative self-talk and say hello to a future filled with self-confidence with my roadmap, ensuring powerful transformation of your thoughts.

If you’re an ambitious, creative woman who finds herself whispering, “I'm not good enough,” or “I can't do this,” - this is for you.

Let's face it:
overcoming negative self-talk is the number #1 way to achieve self-confidence.

In fact, overcoming negative self-talk is THE answer to unlocking your true potential, to becoming the best version of yourself.

And if that wasn’t reason enough to pay attention…

  • Overcoming negative self-talk can lead to a healthier and more positive self-image
  • It can reduce stress and anxiety, and improve overall well-being
  • It can enhance your ability to handle life’s challenges with resilience
  • It can increase your self-confidence, leading to improved decision-making and life satisfaction
  • And, all in all, it can transform your life.

Buuuuuuuuuuut you're caught in the vicious cycle of self-doubt and negative self-talk…

This internal dialogue is holding you back. It's like your own personal roadblock, stopping you from reaching your full potential.


You might be stuck with the belief that you're not good enough.

You might be wrestling with anxiety that's fueling your self-doubt. And really wanting to believe in yourself, to reach your goals, but being unable to do that because of these nagging negative thoughts.

And all this?

  • Has probably got you feeling frustrated and overwhelmed.
  • And it's stopping you from living the fulfilled and confident life you long for.
  • Or even worse? You're seeing opportunities pass you by because your negative self-talk is holding you back.

But as someone who was once in your shoes, I am so excited to say it doesn’t have to be this way!

What if you could move from a state of self-doubt and negative self-talk to a state of empowerment and positivity, PLUS gain increased self-confidence and reduced anxiety?

I Felicia, have personally struggled with anxiety, self-doubt, and the nagging inner critic.

by implementing these strategies, I've been able to transform my life. 

I've moved from questioning my abilities to trusting them.

I've shifted from feeling stuck in a negative loop to being in control of my thoughts. 

And the best part? This transformation did not just impact my work, but every aspect of my life... and I believe it can happen for you too!

AND P.S. This e-book comes with a guarantee that if you commit to this process and implement the strategies, you will see a change in your mindset and overall mental state.

Here are the steps that make my e-book an empowering guide that harnesses your inner strength:


In this step, you're encouraged to dive deep within yourself and confront the root cause of your negative thoughts. This takes courage, but it's incredibly liberating. By understanding where these thoughts come from, you can start to dismantle them.


Next, you need to identify and question the validity of these negative thoughts. This process can be challenging, as it requires you to confront some uncomfortable truths, but it's an essential step towards overcoming self-doubt.


This step involves shifting your perspective and challenging your negative thought patterns. It's about turning "I can't" into "I can" and "I'm not good enough" into "I am enough". This reframing can be an empowering shift in your mindset.


Finally, you'll learn how to use cognitive restructuring and positive affirmations to replace your negative thoughts. With persistence and consistency, you can rewire your brain to foster positive self-talk.

And I have taken ALL this experience and poured this into my e-book so you can, all without falling back into the trap of self-doubt and negative self-talk.

Imagine how it will feel...




Feeling stuck in a cycle of negative self-talk that hinders your ambitions and goals...

Experiencing empowerment and a newfound belief in your abilities, allowing you to passionately pursue your dreams.

Struggling with a lack of self-belief, feeling inadequate and questioning your worth...

Embracing a resilient mindset, recognizing your worth, and confidently stepping into your power.

Feeling held back from pursuing your goals due to a lack of self-confidence and a fear of failure...

Feeling empowered and motivated, ready to take on challenges and seize opportunities with a newfound confidence in your abilities.

If you are ready to make this transformation for yourself then…


The R-R-R-R Roadmap

The practical and empowering guide to overcome the struggle of negative self-talk so you can cultivate a mindset of positivity without the guesswork.

Here's what's inside…

The R-R-R-R Roadmap:
Reflect, Recognize, Reframe, and Replace

In this core part of the e-book, I'll guide you on a journey of transformation, from being plagued by negative self-talk to becoming a master of positive self-affirmations. 

You'll learn all about the four-step process I developed, which includes reflecting on the origin of your negative thoughts, recognizing patterns in your thinking, reframing your perspective, and replacing the negative thoughts with positive ones.

You'll also discover how to apply these steps in real-life scenarios and maintain consistency in practicing them.

The outcome? You’ll have a proven strategy to tackle negative self-talk and cultivate positive affirmations that boost your self-confidence and overall mental wellbeing.

    Identifying Cognitive Distortions

    In this insightful section of the e-book, I'll teach you how to spot cognitive distortions - those pesky, irrational thoughts that fuel negative self-talk. You'll learn about common cognitive distortions, like all-or-nothing thinking and overgeneralization, and how to challenge them.

    What's more, you'll gain the skills to create a new, positive narrative for yourself, replacing those distortive thoughts with empowering ones.

    The result? You'll equip yourself with the knowledge to identify these distortions and the tools to combat them, leading to a more positive and healthier mindset.

      Maintaining Consistency

      In this segment, you'll be equipped with practical strategies to consistently practice positive self-talk, even when life gets tough. You will learn how to make this a habit, ensuring your new narrative becomes second nature and is resilient enough to withstand any challenge life throws your way.

      Sneak Peek: A sneak peek at what you will take away:

      • A thorough understanding of what negative self-talk is and why we have it.
      • Proven strategies to transform negative self-talk into positive self-talk.
      • Practical tools for identifying, understanding, and managing negative thoughts.
      • An understanding of common cognitive distortions and how to challenge them.
      • By the end of this e-book, you'll have a strategy to replace negative self-talk with positive affirmations, leading to improved mental health and overall wellbeing.

      Additional Resources Including:

      • Journaling prompts to help you reflect on your thoughts and identify cognitive distortions.
      • A list of positive affirmations to replace your negative thoughts.
      • Examples of cognitive distortions and how to challenge them.
      • Tips on how to maintain consistency in practicing positive self-talk.

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        • An in-depth, actionable e-book that guides you through the process of transforming negative self-talk into positive affirmations.
        • A proven, digestible roadmap (The R-R-R-R Roadmap) for overcoming self-doubt and cultivating self-confidence.
        • Practical tools and techniques for identifying, understanding, and managing negative thoughts.
        • Direct access to journal prompts and guidance to help you reflect on your thoughts and identify cognitive distortions.
        • A list of positive affirmations and examples of cognitive distortions, along with tips on how to challenge them and maintain consistency in practicing positive self-talk.


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        Lifetime Access | Happiness Guarantee

        So why am I the right person to be helping you with this transformation?

        Hi there! My name is Felicia, and I'm a mental health advocate, coach, and most importantly, a fellow ambitious woman who has battled self-doubt and negative self-talk, just like you. I've personally used the strategies in this e-book to transform my own mindset.

        But my path to becoming an advocate for positive self-talk was not always clear. A few years ago, I lost two jobs in a span of six months. I had to give up my apartment and move to a different town, starting from scratch. It was a dark time in my life, but it also became the catalyst for my journey towards self-discovery and transformation

        This experience sparked my interest in understanding the power of the mind and led to the creation of this e-book. I believe that everyone has the potential for growth and change, and I'm on a mission to help ambitious women like you unlock that potential.

        I value honesty, resilience, and the power of self-belief. I believe that every challenge is an opportunity for growth, and I'm excited to be part of your journey towards self-confidence and positive self-talk.

        I look forward to helping you transform your self-doubt into self-belief, and your negative self-talk into positive affirmations.

        IF YOU'RE THINKING: "Will this e-book really help me overcome negative self-talk?"
        Let me share something important:

        This e-book is not just a compilation of theories and techniques, but it's a product of my own journey. 

        I've been where you are, and I've personally used the strategies discussed in this e-book to overcome my own negative self-talk. 

        So, yes, this e-book can really help you. 

        But remember, just like any other tool, its effectiveness will depend on your commitment to implement these strategies in your daily life.

        If This Is Is this book for you? You should definitely consider investing in it if you:

        ☑️ Often find yourself held back by your own negative thoughts and self-doubt

        ☑️ Understand the power of positive self-talk, but struggle to implement it in your own life

        ☑️ Feel like your potential is being limited by your own self-perception

        ☑️ Long for a change in your mental narrative, shifting from self-doubt to self-belief

        ☑️ Are ready to take a step back, reflect, and address your negative thought patterns



        Here are some answers!

        Yes, this e-book has the potential to significantly influence your mindset. It provides strategies and insights based on psychological theories and personal experiences. However, the power of change ultimately resides in your hands. The transformation depends on how you apply these strategies in your daily life. Remember, consistency is key in this process.

        These strategies are designed to be universally applicable to anyone struggling with negative self-talk. However, everyone's experience with negative thoughts is unique, so the effectiveness of the strategies may vary between individuals. It's important to approach the strategies with an open mind and a willingness to adapt them to your specific needs and circumstances.

        The speed at which you see results can vary depending on factors such as the extent of your negative self-talk, your commitment to implementing the strategies, and your overall mindset. However, you might start noticing subtle changes in your thought patterns and self-perception within a few weeks of consistent practice. Remember, changing ingrained habits and thought patterns is a process that takes time and patience. Consistent practice is key to seeing long-term results.

        If you've tried other methods before and they haven't worked, it's important to remember that different strategies work for different people. This e-book offers a unique approach, combining psychological theories and practical strategies. It also includes personal experiences and insights which may resonate differently with you. The key is to keep an open mind, be patient with yourself, and give new methods a try. Remember, change takes time and consistency, so don't be discouraged if you don't see immediate results.

        The time investment can vary greatly depending on individual circumstances. However, it's recommended that you set aside at least a few hours each week to read through the e-book and apply the strategies. This time should be dedicated to self-reflection, journaling, and practicing cognitive restructuring techniques. Remember, the process of overcoming negative self-talk is not a quick fix but a journey that requires consistent effort and dedication.

        This e-book is designed to provide a framework for overcoming negative self-talk, and while the principles are universally applicable, the journey is unique to each individual. The strategies and techniques provided can be personalized and adapted to fit your unique circumstances, thought patterns, and life experiences. The key is to approach these techniques with an open mind and the willingness to mold them to your needs. Remember, overcoming negative self-talk is a journey, not a destination, and this e-book is a guide to support you along your path.

        If you're still here, reading this, it means you resonate with my story and are seeking a change.

        If you're still here, reading this, it means you resonate with my story and are seeking a change.

        You've seen what my e-book can do, and deep down, you know it’s the tool you've been looking for. But maybe there's something holding you back.

        Remember, overcoming negative self-talk is not a destination, it's a journey.

        This isn’t just about purchasing an e-book, it’s about embarking on a journey of self-discovery and transformation.

        Imagine waking up filled with self-belief and positivity, ready to tackle the day. Imagine feeling confident in your decisions and optimistic about your future.

        So, here's my invitation: Take the first step on this journey. Embrace the challenge and the change.

        You're not just buying an e-book, you’re investing in your mental wellbeing and personal growth.

        And I’m here, ready to welcome you and see you transform your self-doubt into self-belief.

        Click 'COUNT ME IN! I WANT THIS E-BOOK TO EMPOWER MY MINDSET!' - let’s make this transformation a reality. Can’t wait to see you on the other side!




        • An in-depth e-book guiding you towards overcoming negative self-talk and replacing it with empowering, positive self-talk.
        • The R-R-R-R Roadmap: A step-by-step guide to Reflect, Recognize, Reframe, and Replace negative thoughts.
        • Journaling prompts to help you dig deep into your thought patterns and cognitive distortions.
        • A list of constructive, uplifting affirmations to replace your negative thoughts.
        • Real-life examples of cognitive distortions and how to challenge them.

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        + All future updates and bonuses

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