One of the things I love is to hear a child say, 'Ohhh, now I get it!' and it's especially lovely when that child or young person has been struggling. There's a lot of joy for everyone involved in removing the obstacles that children come across as they develop. What I've learnt over the 50 years I've been a teacher, is that it's often much easier than you think to get them to that point!

I'm looking forward to sharing my tips and insights with you to help you be the best, most confident parent you can be.

You won't be inundated you with emails, there'll just be short and sweet messages to encourage, inform, update and enlighten. There'll be tips on the really good resources I've found and use, many of which are in your home already; how to get your children listening and focused, managing behaviour and working hard at school (when you're not there!)

Thank you for joining me as together we help your child succeed and shine in school and in life.