The legendary ONE LOVE Santuario Labyrinth is moving places in the field. 

To celebrate its rebirth and herald the sacred site's evolution, the Santuario is holding a very special 2-day gathering and ceremony.

One Santuario states: “Built by 1,125 stones collected from the sacred waters of the Sierra, our labyrinth is a symbol that represents the pilgrimage that every human heart is going through to return to its essence and the encounter with the feminine wisdom as a creative and life containing force.

To share in the beauty and joy of this event and new chapter, Isis created an exclusive gift bundle for the ONE Ceremony and online Community including:

► Exclusive Introduction Chapter of the ONE Artist-in-Residence subject: Photosynthesis; and a Conscious Connection focus with the ONE Labyrinth symbol.

► Journal Prompts and an at-home path meditation that the whole ONE Community can do at home.

► Live Online Survey for the community to share thoughts, insights and journalling inspiration!

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