Let's dance together this Spring!

Whether you want to concentrate on improving your technique or prefer to learn some fun combinations, whether you're aiming to work on your soft and playful side or rather concentrate on the grounded and porwerful, there is something for you in this workshop series.

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Infinity Drills (1h of pure technique & drills)
Sunday March 24, 18:00–19:00 CET (1PM Eastern / 10AM Pacific)

Musical Veil combos (2h, technique & combinations)
Sunday April 21, 18:00–20:00 CET (12PM Eastern / 9AM Pacific)

Saiidi (2h, technique & combinations)
Sunday May 26, 18:00–20:00 CET (12PM Eastern / 9AM Pacific

16 euros for the one-hour workshop
30 euros for the two-hour workshops
65 euros for all three

Infinity Drills

Soft, smooth and strong: let’s explore and practice soft bellydance moves!

Being able to do the moves is just the beginning; you need to root the technique deep in your body. If you’ve only practiced them in choreographies you’ve learnt, you might be stuck with a narrow range of possibilities in terms of how you can use these moves in your own dance.

With these drills, you’ll be able to make these moves truly yours, as well as explore the potential these soft, smooth moves offer.

We’ll be working on isolation and emphasis, speed, range of motion, fluidity, and more.

This will help you be more versatile, better follow the music, and create dances (whether improvised or choreographed) rich in nuance and detail.

Duration: 1 hour

Price: 16 euros (or 65 for all three)

24/03/2024 18:00
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Musical Veil combinations

Create clouds and windwhirls, or catch the wind and float like a sailboat on the seas!

In this workshop, we’ll use the veil as an extension of our arms and breath to draw pictures in the sky.
We’ll review veil technique, work on breathing, and through a couple of combinations, play with different ways you can follow the music with a veil in hand –
so you can feel light, playful and confident when creating your own veil dances.

Duration: 2 hours

Price: 30 euros (or 65 for all three)

21/04/2024 18:00
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Earthy, powerful and festive, Saiidi is guaranteed to be lots of fun!

Through combinations featuring traditional Saiidi footwork and stick moves, but with a modern touch, you’ll work on your groundedness, on combining power and playfulness, as well as arm- and stickwork, a.k.a what to do with a stick in your hands aside from furiously twirling it.

We’ll touch on questions of rhythm and musical style, appropriate costuming, as well as what “traditional” and “folkloric” means when applied to Egyptian dances in general and Saiidi in particular.

Duration: 2 hours

Price: 30 euros (or 65 for all three)

26/05/2024 18:00
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