Unlock your potential...

 and increase your income by offering this world famous 'specialty' massage!


Thai Foot Reflexology Massage - Virtual & Live Practice Learning

Are you;

  • Tired of working long days?
  • Sick of wanting to learn a new technique but can't take any time off as it will affect your business?
  • Always finding it difficult to balance your time?
  • Fed up of the same old routines and doubting why you ever got into massage in the first place?
  • Worried about investing time and money into a course as you think you can't afford it or/and can't take time off?

Does that sound like you?

If so, carry on reading to find out how I can help you to - 

    • Expand your service offering and let you work fewer hours for more money
    • Give you the skills you need to offer a world renowned specialty massage
    • Rediscover and expand your love and passion for massage
    • Give your body a break from the aches and strains and both physical and mental burnout by having different modalities in your service offerings
    • Get the certification needed to attract new customers every month

      Sound good? 

      Your Instructor

      I believe a healthier and happier world starts with the sharing of knowledge and education, so I help therapists and those interested in massage to go from uncertain, doubtful, and curious, to confident, excited, and qualified, through, simple, easy, practical, interactive online courses.

      Nicola Dickenson

      Nicola is an experienced and passionate teacher who loves to share her love of massage with others who seek to learn new skills, to self-develop, and grow. A heart-centered and soulful teacher who inspires, guides and mentors all levels of students; those who are looking to expand their knowledge and skills, or a newbie who is looking for professional qualifications, or those, who have always just wanted to learn how to massage their friends and family.

      Advanced Practitioner & Thai Massage Instructor

      Trained in Thailand, Nicola is an associate teacher of ITM Chiang Mai and has studied with a number of other schools and teachers over her years of practice, with regular visits to Thailand. For the last eight years, she has been teaching courses privately, in groups, and most recently teaching a team of spa therapists in a high-end luxury SPA.

      Nicola’s mission is to ensure that students not only understand, what the subject being taught but that they also understand the importance and responsibility of this knowledge, how to use it effectively, and protect both themselves and their customers.

      Why this will work for you!

      No Time Wasted; you can earn while you learn

      The training is designed so that it covers exactly what you need to know at each stage. We won't waste time, as you can do the online training in your own time, and then at set time slots of 2 hours, you get to have live online sessions with Nicki. So you'll get all the knowledge upfront, and the opportunity to practice what you've learned with the instructor so you can learn faster and get started quicker


      Once you have completed the course, you will have the accreditation, to be able to offer a 1 hour Thai Foot Reflexology to your existing clients and attract new paying clients in days with your new specialty

      I've been where you are right now

      I have spent thousands learning Thai Massage and 'Other' massages from Thailand, and it has
      allowed me to grow my business, spend less time working and looking for new clients and more time enjoying time with family and doing the things
      I love. I'm going to teach you everything I've learned to allow you to do the same

      Stop worrying about keeping your clients interested or finding ways to interest new clients

      By adding Thai Reflexology Foot Massage to your list of services, you'll be able to offer something new to excite your clients, and also attract new clients with this specialty massage

      What you'll learn

      How to give a 1-hour Thai Foot Massage;

      • Hands-on techniques to loosen up and relax the feet
      • Stimulation of the reflex points and matching organs
      • Correct use of the Thai stick and its application

      The requirements;

      • No experience is required for this course, as Thai massage is based on energy lines (SEN). So, it can be used for personal use with friends and family, or professionally*.
      • The types of students who have previously learned this are; Massage Therapists, Beauticians, Nail Technicians, Hair Dressers, Yoga Teachers, and, those who simply just wanted to learn.

      *Please note - if you are wanting to practice professionally as a massage therapist, some locations, regions and countries may have specific requirements and licensing laws with regards to what qualifications you must have to practice as a massage therapist.

      Worried about certification?

      Insurance companies and associations not recognising your qualifications and especially your online qualifications?

      Don't worry we have your back!

      This course is taught in association with SPA MANTRA Chiang Mai, Thailand and is approved by the Ministry for Health & Education

      For those already with a professional massage qualification ** - The Healing Art of Thai is an approved trainer with the International Institute of Complementary Therapies and this course is recognised and accredited by BGi Insurance who cover 35 countries worldwide.

        How you will learn

        This is a hybrid course that combines self-paced study and live interactive practice sessions & exam.

        How will it work?

        • You will complete the online study in your own time before booking the first practice session
        • Next, you will have live practical session with Nicki in a small group for learning and feedback 
        • Then you will need to complete a number of case studies in your own time before requesting the exam session
        • Lastly, you will have a live 1.5 hr exam

        Step-by-Step Learning

        with Ease & Confidence

        with our online learning portal

        14 Day Money Back Refund Policy (See Cancellation & Refund Policy)

        16 hour - Online Course


        Life time access on online portal

        Subscription to Student Facebook group with live Q&A's each week

        Printable PDF manual, with pictures and space to write your own notes

        Client Intake Health Form

        Step by Step easy instructions taking you through the course

        Client Record Card

        Demonstration tutorial videos & presentations

        Discounted association membership with IICT 

        Health & Safety Tutorials for you and your client

        Discounted insurance with BGi

        Contraindications & Benefits Tutorial

        Quizzes and questionnaires

        Live Practice Sessions with instructor in a small group direct & Exam

        CASE STUDY REVIEW & Feedback Session


        € 149.99



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        Have a great day!

        It takes less than 7 massages to make your money back!

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        How quickly can I start to use this massage?

        Once you have finished this course it is advised that you complete some case studies on a variety of models before you start to work with customers. This can be done in your own time frame, BUT.... it has been known for experienced massage therapists to start to do sell it as a service immediately after doing the course.

        I'm not sure about learning online!

        Your nervous, you thoughts are saying "it's not the same as learning in person learning". I totally get it... I had the same views until I started to do some research and some online courses myself. This is why I have specifically designed this course so you can watch the videos time after time, they are filmed in the same way as it would be if you were standing by the teacher in the classroom, except you can press play pause and repeat.

        You will also get time to speak directly with me to ask questions and you will have live interactive practice sessions just like in the classroom.

        Even more I want to create a community with colleagues so this will be done is small groups so you get to know and connect with other students too.

        What if I don't like working with feet?

        It's true not everyone likes working with feet, I have had a few students who don't actually like feet but are offering this as a service. What I would say this is a personal choice, and that your fingers and hands will be holding toes, feet and ankles. If you have any questions please drop me message.

        I still have my doubts... I want to ask some more questions!

        No worries, just drop me an email [email protected] with your questions and I will come back to you asap.