This thoughtfully curated box and heartfelt community is a lifeline for those moms who deserve some much needed care and assurance -we are here for you!

What's in each box?

Monthly Subscription box 

Monthly box full of 4-6 items such as self care items and baby gifts to rejuvenate NICU moms and remind you that it's important to take care of yourself, especially with the stress of the NICU. This subscription box of goodies will be delivered right to your door to enjoy and destress after a long day at the hospital or to enjoy after a long day with your baby at home.


Included with your subscription box, you will be invited to join an exclusive private online community of current NICU moms and former NICU moms to provide support, words of encouragement and healing. 

Included workshops given by former NICU moms and other health professionals so you are best equipped to be the best advocate for yourself and baby in NICU or at home after NICU.