Want to enjoy the peace and freedom of being fully Mama Bear PREPARED?


The Instructors at Beating Disaster

The Mama Bear PREPARED online course was created by parents with professional backgrounds in violence prevention, personal protection, martial arts, law enforcement as well as studies focused in childhood development, psychology and criminal behavior. In raising our own children to be PREPARED we realized we collected all the things every mother deserves to know about prevention.  

Every child deserves to have a mother that is PREPARED.


The Mama Bear PREPARED online course will show you all that's in your power to avoid you and your loved ones being victimized. Here you can find content, resources, conversation prompts, exercises and games for you and your family to share so that you are quickly and confidently Mama Bear PREPARED.

We are building and nurturing a foundation as appropriate for being PREPARED against concerns like bullying, trafficking, abduction, abusive relationships, assault, sexual assault, sibling rivalry, self harm, active shooters, harmful friendships, unsafe relatives and adults - to name a few. 

There are four (4) separate offerings to focus on the exact needs of your child in order to become a difficult and unlikely target for the threats and needs specific to them.  

5+ Tailored, Specific Modules 

Quizzes & Questionnaires 

Priceless Information

Helpful Tools & Lists 

Weekly Live Q&As 

Take your time, practice and re-visit modules as needed or desired for 5 weeks.  Get your questions answered with weekly live Q&As with an expert. Throughout the course you will create a list of personalized safety measures specifically for your family . Get tailored suggestions and expert support. 

Each Mama Bear PREPARED offering is only available for a limited time and to a limited number of participants. This allows us to keep improving offerings as well as adapt to current trends and concerns. Each participant gets personal and tailored information to fully understand WHY we are doing the things we do so that you can adapt as well as continue to implement lifesaving principles over time and in your own way.

Launch Schedule

Sept 13

Little Ones

Ages 4 & Under

On sale 9/3

Oct 18


Ages 5-10

On sale 10/8

Nov 22

Tweens & Teens 

Ages 10-19

On sale 11/12

Dec 27

Special Needs

All Ages

On sale 12/17

The Mama Bear PREPARED online course is not for every mom.

> This online course is not for the mom who wears worrying like a badge of honor.

> This is not for the mother that thinks karate or kickboxing or carrying a weapon makes a person safe.

> This is not for the mom that chooses to only see a scary world filled with bad people.

> This course is not for the mother that accepts being a victim.

> This is for the mother that takes responsibility for her decisions to do the best possible by her kids.

> This is for the mom that wants to see her children develop and demonstrate skills that show they're PREPARED.

> This course is for the mom that is willing to put in effort ahead of time.

> This is for the mom that wants to focus on where she has choices.




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