Charity Freelancer Chat

Meet other freelancers working in the charity sector

Every month, we gather on Zoom to exchange ideas, offer support, or just chat.

Bring your own brew ☕🍪

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Next meeting

Tuesday 16 July, 11am (UK time)

(Then Tues 27 Aug, 11am, and Mon 23 September, 2pm)


Who is this for?

Charity Freelancer Chat is for... well, charity freelancers! If you're a freelancer doing paid work for charities, then you're welcome. Whether you work entirely with charities, or just have a few charities on your client list. Whether you've been freelancing for ages, or you're just getting started. If you're looking to connect with other freelancers working in the charity sector, this is the place to come.

Why are you doing this?

People tell me that they come to meet other charity freelancers, who are in the same situation as they are. We share ideas and thoughts on freelance life and the challenges facing our charity clients. Mostly, it’s a nice way to spend an hour chatting to other people, and making new connections

Am I going to be sold anything?

No. This isn’t a place to sell things to freelancers, or get freelancers to sign up to anything. 

What happens at a meet-up?

The meet-ups are on Zoom, and last an hour, with two ‘breakout’ sessions. We break up into breakout rooms of about 4 people. As a conversation starter, we have a question about either charities or freelancing.

Do I have to stay for the whole hour?

No. Your time is precious, you can stay for as long as you like: 10 minutes, 30 minutes, or the whole hour - it’s up to you.

When do the meet-ups take place?

We meet monthly, towards the end of the month. Instead of a fixed day or time, the day and time changes each month, to avoid inadvertently excluding anyone. The meet-ups are mostly either mid-morning or mid-afternoon, within ‘school hours’ (9am-3pm UK time).

I live outside of the UK, can I still come?

You’re very welcome to sign-up to receive updates of meetings, though please note the meetings are mostly between 9am-3pm UK time.

I’ve only just started freelancing, can I still come?

Yes, of course - at each meet-up there are plenty of people who have only recently started freelancing. It’s a great opportunity to meet other charity freelancers, whether they are in the same position as you, or more established.

I don’t work exclusively with charities but I have a few charity clients - can I come?

Yes, absolutely.

I have some more questions, who can I contact?

If you have any more questions, please email Richard Berks: [email protected]