Imagine Your Love Attractor as a Gem... What do you see on or around it? 🤔 

Restrictive & Negative Influencing Energies 

Your love attractor is the part of your energetics which emits your unique frequency to attract the partner who is the ideal match for you. 

However, throughout your life it collects energy which distorts it. 

You will be clearing away this energy to free your love attracting frequency of outside influences.

What's Included in Your Healing?

  • Sovereignty Steps for Your Energetic Safety & Strengthening

  • Clearing Energy Others Have Placed on You

  • Clearing Away Inherited Energy

  • Clearing Away Invasive Energies that Keep the Outside Energy Stuck

  • Clearing Old Permissions

  • Rewriting Your Inner Permissions for Your Greatest Fulfillment

  • Reprogramming Your Core Beliefs to Reprogram what You Are Attracting

  • Manifestation for Love 

Experience Immediate Positive Shifts in 

Your Life

Questions & Answers

Q: "Could a Healing VIDEO really help me?"

A: "Yes! In fact, I've discovered that a healing video is even MORE powerful than an in person session. This is because of the Power of 8. If more then 8 people watch it, the strength is amplified exponentially. When I film the video for you, I am sending Reiki healing energy. I am also requesting the Angels to bring in their healing energy. AND I include healing music with the solfeggios. Then I add more Reiki during the editing process. All of my healing videos are incredibly potent."

Q: "But if it's so powerful, why is it so inexpensive?" 

A: "I've been wounded so much in my life from so many failed relationships and tragic losses. My spiritual self help efforts have yielded such incredible results that I want to share them with all of my kindred sisters. It took time and effort for me to create, and I am a single Mom so I have to charge SOMETHING. Plus if I gave it away for free, there is no energy exchange. As you know, there always needs to be an energy exchange for you to benefit fully. But if nobody purchases as this low price point, I may be forced to raise it so that it will be taken more seriously for the special healing opportunity that it is."

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Love Attractor Healing

11.11 USD

Thank You and Many Blessings to You

Here's Your Healing