About the Book

Owen and Makayla's love is on the line when a former business partner threatens to sabotage their second chance.

Owen Maubry is a part owner of an IT service business. Scratch that: was a part owner. Now he’s locking horns with his ex-partner Devon and fighting for his reputation and his freedom. But when Makayla, his college bestie and former flame, walks back into his life, he's reminded of the fire that still burns between them.

Makayla Stanford's life hasn't been all rainbows and unicorns, either. She's been on a fruitless quest for love and career fulfillment, all the while suppressing her feelings for Owen. She insists her singledom isn’t because her friendship with Owen ended with unresolved feelings and resentment at his ex-fiancée Veronica. Even though they've gone their separate ways, memories and secrets of her time with Owen continue to echo in her mind, coloring every date she's been on since then.

As their twenty-year college reunion approaches, they have a chance to rekindle their friendship and explore love once again. But Owen’s battle with Devon is getting in the way of pursuing things with Makayla. With Devon breathing down their necks and threatening their lives, Owen must decide whether to give in or fight for his heart's desire.

For fans of:

  • friends to lovers romance

  • second chance romance

  • romantic suspense with a little bit of comedy

  • a clumsy rescue of a not-so-helpless "damsel in distress"

  • steamy love scenes

  • forty-something singles being ... forty-something