Are you feeling disconnected and like life is too much to handle?

It doesn't have to be...

What if it only took 10 minutes a day to feel more in control in your daily life?

What if you didn't have to do it on your own, but could get community support?

What if you received the guidance you needed from someone who has been where you are? 

Meditation in March is a 1 month program of guided meditation practices to help you feel more peace with less stress in your day to day.

Sign up to enjoy:

  • 10 minute guided meditation practices 3 times per week that you can either do live online, or on demand
  • Daily inspirational journal prompts to help you find ways to settle your mind when life gets stressful, and manage difficult feelings
  • Online community to ask questions, receive support, and feel seen and heard

If you've ever wanted to start a regular meditation practice but didn't know how, you have come to the right place. Whether you have been practicing meditation for years or are a brand new beginner, you are welcome to join Meditation in March. 

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Cost: $67 for lifetime access to the group, the classes and the prompts

How will I benefit from a regular guided meditation practice?

Sometimes you may feel like you can't meditate. Your thoughts don't stop, there is always so much going on in your head.

The good news is meditation is not about stopping the thoughts. The thoughts will happen. Meditation allows you to have a better relationship with your thoughts so that they don't rule your life.

Thoughts are just thoughts. They don't determine who you are an many times, they are not even true. You have many thoughts and beliefs running through your head at any given moment. Meditation helps you create a little space for quiet in your mind.

In that space you can respond, instead of react. You can take a moment to decide if this thought is useful or true. You can breathe and feel more at ease in your body. This is what practicing meditation regularly can do for you.

Meditation is a practice that doesn't come naturally to many at first, but with practice, can become a powerful tool to regulate your nervous system. Get yourself out of "fight or flight," and feel calm and relaxed in your body and mind. As we age, it is common to feel more anxiety about everyday things. Meditation can help you cope with daily stressors and empower you to take better actions in your life.

How Meditation with Janine is changing how people feel:

"Txs, I really needed that meditation."

"A good one for the evening before bed! Thanks!!!"

"I found when I did the yoga, meditation and journaling in the morning, my day was more relaxed. It has motivated me to build a new morning routine! Thanks, Janine!

"{Movement and Meditation} is absolutely the best way to start the week!"

"I really enjoyed the mediation and I want to incorporate that more into my life."

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    Cost: $67 for lifetime access to the group, the classes and the prompts