Connecting with Your Inner Self

Facilitated by:

Jack Howard

Hosted by:

Jenn Brooks & The Yoga Sanctuary

Cacao Ceremony & Sound Journey

I'm very pleased to welcome Jack Howard to facilitate two special events at The Yoga Sanctuary in the Village of Barboursville. Jack was a very welcomed special guest at the Weekend Under the Stars retreat that I hosted in May and is travelling back to West Virginia to share his unique gifts and talents with us. 

The Cacao Ceremony and Sound Journey events dates are:

Friday, March 8 from 7-9pm 
Saturday, March 9, 10-noon
Each class is $45.

Cacao is the plant from which chocolate is made. Heart-opening 'Ceremonial' or 'Pure' Cacao is minimally processed to retain 100% of the nutrients and psychoactive compounds that bring calm focus and a feeling of bliss and love. A cacao ceremony is the intentional and reverent consumption of Cacao that respects the Divine nature of the plant as medicine for the body, mind and soul.

Sound Healing is the use of instruments including the voice to produce frequencies and vibrations that interact with the human body and mind. Brainwave frequencies are lowered allowing access to deep states of relaxation and healing.

Calms the mind
Opens the heart
Heals the body
Invokes introspection
A Superfood
Plant Medicine

Sound Journey
Calms the nervous system
Deepens brainwave frequencies
Heals the body
Reduces stress
Improves Sleep
Enhanced sense of well-being