Is the getting-started-overwhelm killing your podcasting dreams?

As a professional podcaster, I have experienced the struggle of figuring out how to get your show up.  

What equipment do I actually need?  

How do I find my audience?  

How do I grow?  

When do I feel like a real podcaster and not an imposter?  

What if no one actually listens!? 

Which tools do I actually need?  I'm afraid I'm wasting my money...

Am I even doing this right??


Starting anything new comes with massive learning curves, and with that can come a LOT wasted time, energy and money.... trust me, I know!

Which is why I want to help YOU get your show up on the airwaves, into people's lives and impacting hearts and minds... but without the frustration of figuring it out on your own.

Just drop your information below, schedule a call, and I'll get in touch with you about how you can get your show up once-and-for-all, with me guiding you by the hand & leaving all the overwhelm behind.

I can't wait to hear your vision for how YOUR show will impact lives!

Check out this message I received from a student only 6 weeks after launching her show!