11am - 3pm eastern time

Association Performance Metrics

This is a live and interactive intro to association performance metrics.

Associations are about connection. Properly deployed, a metrics program can help associations better understand and build relationships with their members in order to diversify revenue and grow their associations.

The outcome of this workshop is a core set of practices that can be used to determine performance across your program offerings. This will result in a common language and the identification of hidden pockets of value. Metrics measure can measure performance and impact in the following ways:

  • Market size – total available market, serviceable market, obtainable market

  • Engagement – level of activeness of your members

  • Conversion – visitors who take a desired action

  • Retention – number of members who stay connected

  • Active members – short-term and longitudinal connection

  • Member value – also known as customer lifetime value

  • Business value – holds your strategy accountable and gauges growth

  • Revenue – recurring revenue for a stated period of time

  • Net promoter score – percentage of members who recommend a product

  • Return on investment – the performance of a particular investment

Can you answer these questions: How well is your product portfolio performing? Are your programs meeting intended targets? What metrics do you use to determine impact? How can you use data to change practice, bridge gaps, or enhance features?

This workshop will introduce you to tools and frameworks to identify areas of strength and weakness and provide guidance for areas of potential growth. We will address the following:

  • Identify impact and value through performance.

  • Define and utilize a core set of association metrics and KPIs

  • Understand product performance

  • Link product performance to high-level budget projections

  • Measure culture, engagement, and impact

  • Communicate and tell stories with performance data

Please join us!

Enhance Engagement

Make your association indispensable by creating a culture of longitudinal connection and learn to monetize engagement.


Leverage underutilized value into new products that members want. Use these new products to build new revenue streams.


Utilize a repeatable product framework to unearth new ideas and develop new processes in order to reach new people.



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