By signing up using your e-mail, you agree to receive an advanced reader copy of my books in exchange for a review.

The only thing I ask in return is for a review of the books.

You are free to state you are an advanced reader in your review. (In fact, it is preferred.) I will send you an e-mail reminder with a link to review on Amazon and Goodreads, you do not have to review in both places if you do not wish to, but you are required to review in one of the two places to remain on the list! But it is extremely helpful for the community if you do post in both places!

To remain on the ARC team, you are required to send a link proving you posted a review to either Amazon or Goodreads before the next ARC is sent to you. You can email a link to the review or share a screenshot of it (please show the full web page if so allowing us to see the URL.) 

Not only will you get free advanced copies in your e-mail but there are other perks as well. By signing up, you'll be on my Advanced Reader Team which I call my Elite Loreists. By becoming an Elite Loreist you will receive:

  • Exclusive previews to works-in-process
  • Exclusive updates
  • Access to all video content early
  • Vote on Book Covers (when I have more than one option)
  • Vote on Book Titles (When I have more than one option)
  • And much more in addition to my books free forever!


I update this list with every book release you will receive an e-mail asking you to confirm you'd like to remain on the ARC team by replying to the e-mail with 1. a link to the review or a screen shot of the review with the URL in it. (We know Amazon sometimes takes down reviews, why a screenshot is allowed.) 2. If you did not send it with the email address you signed up with, confirm the email address we have on file. 

We had to add this when we had too many people joined the community and did not post reviews. This is detrimental to the community! So only sign up if you are sure you can and are willing to review the book upon finishing it. Exceptions can be made, but you need to notify me as soon as possible.