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About Us

Jesse Parsons

Jesse co-founded The Coin Trading Company in 2016 (when Bitcoin was selling for less than $600). He has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. He has a BS in Civil Engineering from the University of Washington in Seattle and an MA in Education from Biola University near Los Angeles.

While with The Coin Trading Company, Jesse has introduced hundreds of people to cryptocurrency and helped them navigate around the pitfalls to experience the benefits, including more freedom from the systems of the world and greater freedom to adopt a more Kingdom mindset about wealth, money and being your own bank.

He loves to travel with his family yet rather than just sightseeing, he always focuses on relationships and connecting people (turning every vacation into a short-term missions and ministry trip). He is known as a sharp troubleshooter and is passionate about improving processes and people and actually believes he can change the world to make it a better place (through God, all things are possible).

Jesse and his wife of 20 years and their eight amazing children live in Redding, CA and attend Bethel Church.

Glenn Hay-Roe

Glenn has been involved in digital assets and blockchain technology since 2011 when he mined hundreds of bitcoin (each worth less than a dollar at the time). He joined the Coin Trading Company in 2017 through a divine encounter at a prophetic conference.

Professionally, Glenn has over twenty-five years of experience in information technology, project management and large-scale network and telecommunication system deployments.

Outside the workplace, Glenn loves spending time with his family, worshiping, helping others understand and use technology to improve their lives, detailing cars, using fountain pens to write letters, and a variety of other diverse interests. He is a great listener and an innovative solution finder.

Glenn has been involved in all manner of ministry, including financial, pre-marital, prison, and prophetic ministry for decades, and one of his greatest thrills is bringing messages from the heart of God to the world around him.

Glenn and his lovely wife, Christi, live in Lacey, Washington, and they have three adult daughters who are a joy and a blessing.