The Offline Valentine Experience. A Social Experiment.

Offline Valentine is a social experiment using a famous set of 36 questions that were designed by psychologists to create connection for the event..

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Mingle Time

Participate in playful ice-breaker games which help you approach other guests with ease to start a fun conversation. You have two hours to mix and mingle during the event, plus our hosts can assist with introductions. Just ask us!

Meet Your Match

Discuss your matching preferences with our MatchMaker before the event. Every person who attends enjoys one hour with their personalised match(es) to exchange answers using the famous 36 questions.

The fun way to meet singles

Offline Valentine is committed to creating opportunities for you to meet quality singles and to help you develop real connections with them. Whether you're sick of swiping and typing, or simply don't know where to meet quality singles, our event will bring excitement, fun and connection back into your dating world. We use the 36 questions as a tool to create intimacy in just 60 minutes.


Food & Drink

Receive complimentary beverages and nibble on an assortment of delicious finger food whilst mingling with guests. Special diets can be catered for.


Share Your Details

Met someone you click with? Give them your details to stay connected. Rule: give your contact details, but don't ask for someone's details.

Be Present

Phone Free Zone

Relax during a tech free evening without distractions from mobile phones. Switch your phone on silent and keep it out of sight. Enjoy real connections.

Offline Valentine Is A Rare & Highly Successful Singles Event

❤️ Guests report (on average) 3.5 x increase in level-of-connection when using the 36 questions

❤️ 94.1% of event attendees recommend this experience to others

❤️ 66.7% of guests would meet their personalised match again for a date / as friends