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Certified Instructors

Our USCCA certified instructors are constantly training to make themselves better instructors for our students. Each class taught is backed by science, date, and empirical evidence.

Court Defensible Curriculum

Our CCW course is court defensible! This law class is designed to give you the most comprehensible understanding of your responsibility as an armed American.

Variety of Courses

Whether your new to firearms or seasoned and looking to keep your skills sharp, we have several courses to choose from to transform you into your family's ultimate protector.

Sneak Peaks

Our Team



8-hour State Mandated training with a shooting qualification. This is a law class, not a shooting course.

Basic Handgun


3-hour course, all on the range. Put into practice what you learn in our CCW class. 

Women's Beginner


Taught by a woman, this women's only course will introduce you to the very basics of handguns. 

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