can you relate to this...

"I feel isolated and alone, as if no one truly understands what I'm going through with BII"

"I'm frustrated with the lack of awareness and acknowledgment of breast implant illness."

"I'm seeking accurate information and guidance to make the best choices for my health and future."

"I crave a supportive community that understands my journey and can provide guidance and encouragement."

"I'm worried about how my body will look after explant surgery. Will I still feel feminine and confident?"

"Will I ever regain my health and feel like myself again?"

"I'm tired of doubting myself and my experiences, questioning whether BII is all in my head."

"I'm overwhelmed by mixed emotions like fear, anxiety, and sadness regarding the decision to remove my breast implants. I keep asking if this is the right decision for me?"

if yes, you're in the right place!

For nine months prior to this day I hadn’t felt like myself...

I went from writing an 80,000 word research thesis and running a business to then opening my laptop and not being able to write one single email - the brain fog was intense!

My weight was increasing

I constantly felt puffy and inflamed

I was tired all the time - napping EVERY afternoon just to make it through the evening

Repeat migraines

Muscle and joint aches

    My hair was snapping and thinning

    …I was not feeling like healthy and vibrant self!

    In this moment, sitting in the car with tears streaming down my face – I knew I had to make the brave decision to take the next steps forward.

    I noticed there was something missing in the support available for women navigating their BII journey...

    so I created it for YOU!

    let's get real...It’s the eBook I wish I had access to at the beginning of my BII journey!

    Here’s a quick breakdown of what’s inside the eBook…

    Chapter 1 – Understanding breast implant illness

    • What is breast implant illness?
    • Recognizing the signs and symptoms (including an easy to use BII symptom tracker template)
    • The importance of advocacy for BII
    • Evidence: The link between breast implants and BII

    Chapter 2 – Where to start when feeling overwhelmed…

    • Finding support and connecting with others
    • Getting informed about BII
    • Seeking professional guidance
    • Coping with anxiety and stress (including links to the exact tools, practices and meditations that helped me – and that you can start using immediately!)

    Chapter 3 – Explant surgery: a path to healing

    • Understanding explant surgery and your options
    • Choosing the right time to explant

    Chapter 4 – Booking your explant surgeon

    • Researching surgeon expertise and experience – what to look for!
    • Questions to ask during consultations
    • Finding the ‘right’ fit for your needs

    Chapter 5 – The emotional waves of BII and explant

    • How to sit with uncomfortable emotions - grief, anger and frustration (including mini exercises you can integrate into your day)
    • Self-care strategies to support YOU!
    • Talking about your BII journey with loved ones
    • Finding empowerment and inner strength (guided journal prompts + practices)
    • Setting new goals and rebuilding SELF (getting clear on your vision!)

    Chapter 6 – Nurturing body image through BII

    • Body image and breast implants – what’s the connection?
    • Preparing for changes in appearance
    • Embracing your body
    • Rebuilding confidence and self-esteem (how to love yourself!)


    • My final thoughts and what I wish for YOU
    • Resources and further tools (including my top 5 books to read on your healing journey!)

    'A New Chapter: Healing and thriving through your breast implant illness journey' eBook is for you if...

    - You’re seeking credible and reliable information about BII and explant so you can make informed decisions of next steps that meet YOUR needs!

    - You’re seeking practical resources such as symptom trackers, checklists and journal prompts to help you feel more in control and prepared for each step of your BII journey

    - You desire self-acceptance, you want to feel comfortable in the body you’re in and stop attaching your worth to your physical appearance

    - You want to stop beating yourself up for the decision you made to get implants – and you want to rebuild self-trust and self-love

    - You crave being able to access a supportive community of women who understand your journey and can provide encouragement

    - You’re seeking a renewed sense of empowerment and confidence – and you want to regain your health!

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      A New Chapter: Healing and thriving through your breast implant illness journey eBook

      An eBook to help you feel calm, validated and informed, so you can confidently navigate each step of your breast implant illness journey.

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      Thank you for your purchase

      I am so grateful to be a part of your journey!