Testimonial from Kristin Slink - Founder Tech AF

I reached out to Liz after months of learning, strategizing and implementing a social media strategy for my business, Tech AF. Putting myself out there on social was extremely new to me and I was overwhelmed with understanding how to do so, while also building and launching a new business. Finally after months of struggling, I reached out to Liz to see how she could help. I ended up signing for her Instagram program and have been working with her for the last few months. I have seen tremendous growth not only with my social presence but with my own confidence to create content. I highly recommend Liz for anyone who wants an expert to lead the way!

The Your Instagram Roadmap Program Includes...

Creating Your Instagram Roadmap

Before we do anything, we need to chat about your goals, what you've tried so far, and where you want to go. This is onboarding.

Then I will audit your Instagram profile (if you already have one) to find things your audience already enjoys. 

Next, I will conduct research. This includes reading your book, looking at competitors in and out of your genre, and inputting it into a framework developed over the last few years working with authors and small business owners. 

Last, I will present you with a plan that outlines your brand identity, your goals, and what we can do to reach those goals. 

At the end of this stage you will have a social media marketing plan and brand identity to use to promote your books online.

Implementing Your Instagram Roadmap

After you get your Instagram Roadmap, the real work starts.

We will work to implement and tweak your strategy so it works for your books and your audience. 

This package includes 1 call per week for three months after you receive Your Instagram Roadmap to ensure you fully understand your strategy and how to apply it. 

During these calls we will cover: 

- How to use a content calendar (template provided)

- How to create high quality content

- How to adjust/tweak your strategy yourself

- How to write GOOD captions

- Any questions you have regarding Instagram or social media marketing

NEW: In addition to weekly calls, you will be invited to a Slack community where you can ask questions between meetings. Slack will be checked daily on weekdays excluding US Federal Holidays.

Your Instagram Roadmap is a HIGH TOUCH program so there are limited spots available each month.