Connecting with Inner Radiance

Through Restorative Yoga, Leisure and Friendship
A 'Retreat Under the Stars'
May 10-12
at Hope Springs Institute in Peebles, Ohio (near Serpent Mound)
Inspired and Facilitated by Jenn Brooks

As the feminine, we are all mothers in some way. Either by birthing children, caring for others, or birthing our creations into the world to make our home more interesting, loving and peaceful.

Over this May weekend, we will take time to connect with that inner radiance that shines through us, to stoke those fires and bring about more brilliance and warmth. And truly, just to celebrate life and love.

This weekend is about taking time out for ourselves, to re-member and re-group, to bask in friendship while being seen in our inherent truth. 

A spacious schedule will allow you to explore through leisurely walks on the lands, or choose meditation, journaling, singing or whatever ways you find most enables you to integrate.

A retreat is a special form of vacation. Taking time, a weekend, away from normal life has countless physical, emotional and mental benefits. And disconnecting from the unending technology driven digital onslaught is imperative for our nervous systems to reset.

Think of our weekend together as an adult summer camp! This is a place to make new friends, play, laugh, enjoying being in nature, feel safe, evolve and learn about yourself. 

You may even lose track of time...

...find your creative spark...

and just be more You.

Anticipated Friday Schedule
(subject to gentle modifications)


Arrival, light informal lunch



Gathering in Circle, Welcoming & Clarity of Intention with Jenn

"With the Mother" Guided Meditation and Nature Mandala Activation with Shannon (Sound w/ Jack)


A Break


Gathering in Circle, Gentle + Restorative Yoga Nidra Practice


Dinner Together

Free Time


...Til Late...

Sound Bath Healing with Jack in Spirit House
Games in the Farmhouse

Campfire, Etc.

Anticipated Saturday Schedule

(subject to gentle modifications)


Mindful Grooves (Morning Movement) with Nichole


Breakfast Together


Free time, walk the lands


Gathering in Circle with Lindy


Lunch Together


Free time, walk the lands


Gathering in Circle, Mantra Purusha + Yoga Nidra Restorative Practice with Lindy & Jenn


Dinner Together


...Til Late...

Sound Bath Healing with Jack in Spirit House
Games in the Farmhouse

Campfire, Etc.

Anticipated Sunday Schedule

(subject to gentle modifications)


Mindful Grooves (Morning Movement Dance Prayer) with Nichole


Gathering; Closing Circle


Breakfast Together


Departure from Hope Springs Institute


TBC/optional: Meet at Serpent Mound for a group hike. Extra cost $8 parking.

$693 - full payment confirms reservation. Once application is completed, I'll send you payment options.

$900 - email Jenn to get on waitlist for a single room option.


$576 - full payment confirms reservation. Once application is completed, I'll send you payment options.


Special Guests

On both Friday and Saturday evening, Jack Howard will lead us through sacred sound healing journeys.

Sound Healing is the use of instruments including the voice to produce frequencies and vibrations that interact with the human body and mind. Brainwave frequencies are lowered allowing access to deep states of relaxation and healing.

Sound Journey
Calms the nervous system
Deepens brainwave frequencies
Heals the body
Reduces stress
Improves Sleep
Enhanced sense of well-being

Optimize your retreat experience with a Light Session facilitated by Jack:
Jack will offer a few select 1:1 sessions for attendees with the Lucia N°3 Light and Sound.

The Lucia N°3 Light uses a wide spectrum solid light and multiple white LED lights flickering at varying intensities and frequencies that travel through closed eyelids, down the optic nerve, the pineal gland and into the brain.

The light induces a state of deep relaxation and allows the mind to enter a meditative state. It creates a unique visual experience of colors, geometric shapes and movement reminiscent of a kaleidoscope. It triggers brain wave patterns similar to those of long-time meditators and allows you to enter deeper states of consciousness.

The Experience: You rests in a chair or lying on a table or floor with closed eyes. The light patterns begin slowly then increase in intensity. Music is played to help keep the mind still. A short 2-5 minute demo program is offered to allow the client to adjust to the experience. Then, a longer 20-50 minute program is selected for the client. Many clients report feeling rested and centered after the session.

Retreat Special pricing: $50/session (schedule appointment upon arrival at the retreat).

About Jack: Living in Right Relationship with Spirit, Earth and Community. He is a nomadic facilitator of Cacao Ceremonies, Sound Healing Journeys, Shamanic Energy Medicine and Healing
Breathwork. Get more acquainted with Jack online at, email, Facebook or Instagram.

Offering by Shannon Cristie - "With the Mother"

Honoring the inner and outer forms of The Nurturer, The Mother and The Creator through a guided experience in Nature and the building of a Nature Mandala and Sanctuary.

Weather permitting, we will spend some time outdoors connecting with our own inner nurturer while also clarifying and strengthening our relationship with the larger forces of "Mother" and "Creation."

We will create a "Nature Mandala" with found objects upon the grounds of Hope Springs. Through our attention, action and allowing, we will establish an outdoor sanctuary space that can be utilized throughout the retreat during free time for reflection, prayer or connecting with Earth. This format serves as a guide for creating a space of honoring in your own home, yard or in Nature.

In case of inclement weather, we will follow a similar flow inside the center using existing objects and crystals from Shannon's collection.

About Shannon: BA, LMT, CST, BCTMB
Having a natural gift for multi-dimensional Presence, the materialized form and all things touch, I am deeply inspired and guided by the dance of divine embodiment - my own and others - through direct collaboration with body systems, fields, consciousness and our support in Spirit. Get more acquainted with Shannon online at, email or Facebook.

Shannon will be available for a few 1:1 healing sessions if you wish to optimize your retreat.

On Saturday, Lindy will bring her own magic and medicine in the form of her unique sacred circle of sound, meditation and gentle movement inspired by the group and what is present.

In the afternoon of Saturday, Lindy and Jenn will offer a Mantra Purusha and Yoga Nidra restorative practice for alignment with the inner radiance that is within each of us. This will be a long and leisurely practice providing the opportunity for integration of inner radiance into our cellular structure.

About Lindy: Lindy serves as a container for the Divine Feminine. Her purpose is to assist others in connecting more deeply to the Truth within through one-on-one energy therapy, group process, sound, and yoga. Get more acquainted with Lindy online at, email or Facebook.

Lindy will be available for a few 1:1 healing sessions if you wish to optimize your retreat.

This retreat will be held at the Hope Springs Institute in Peebles County, Ohio. Serpent Mound is close by.

The retreat center is located at 4988 Mineral Springs Rd, Peebles, OH 45660. The local time zone is Eastern Standard Time. If you are interested in carpooling please let me know, and I will connect you to others driving in from your city or airport if applicable.

Arrival is between 11:00am and 12:15pm on Friday, May 10th. Our welcoming gathering will be at 12:30pm (of course you can arrive later). We’ll close with breakfast on Sunday morning, May 12.

This is a female-centric retreat for multi-generations of women on a healing path or identified as community healers. Retreating with you, expect to find grandmothers, mothers, sisters, friends, and daughters.

Shared rooms are available with space for 2-3 people in separate beds. Priority for shared rooms is given to those traveling with a roommate. If interested in being matched with a roommate, please let me know on your booking form. I will do my best to meet requests. Guaranteed private rooms are available at an increased rate.

Paved, uncovered footpaths connect the Dining Hall, Studio, and Farmhouse, while there is a short walk over grass to reach the Spirit House. There is ADA rooming/bathrooms available. Please let me know if you have any specific needs or questions and we can discuss in greater detail.

Nourishing chef crafted meals will be prepared for us each day and you’ll have access to tea and snacks throughout the retreat. Please let me know of any dietary needs on your registration form. There is a kitchen provided in the farmhouse to bring and prepare your own food or snacks.

Plan to bring clothing appropriate for the weather and a few personal items to create an altar space as we honor our time together. I’ll share a suggested packing list as we get closer, including some restorative yoga props.

There is no cell service at Hope Springs, so plan on taking a little technology break and leave any unnecessary devices at home. Wi-Fi, and a landline telephone, are available if needed. Hope Springs is an alcohol-free and drug-free environment so leave those items at home as well.

Absolutely not. I teach an accessible practice for all (or most) bodies and use chairs and a variety of props for those who need more accessibility for joint immobility. Yoga is a practice for any body. If you have a body, you have a yoga body. Meditation is guided by my voice throughout the practice. If you wish, you will have time available for silent and walking meditations on your own. Please email me with any concerns or questions.

The average price for this weekend retreat, all-inclusive with accommodations and meals is $630 and there are options for a private room or a discount for RV/car camping (meals and use of facilities still included). If you require a scholarship or reduced rate, please contact Jenn via the registration form for Shared Room. After I receive your completed registration form, I'll reply with payment options. Payment in full is due March 31st.

Whether you are paying in full, or in installments of your choice, your reservation is confirmed when I have received your 30% deposit. The deposit is non-refundable. There are no refunds after March 30th if the retreat is full. Beginning April 1, if the retreat is not full, and someone takes your place, you may be refunded less deposit. Insurance and Cancellations: I recommend purchasing travel insurance for your own peace of mind. In the very unlikely circumstance that our retreat is impacted by forces beyond our control and the retreat is cancelled, your fees and payments may be retained and our gathering rescheduled. This is the best option due to the significant amount of planning and investment both on the side of the facilitator and our venue. Also - life happens! Please reach out, we’ll do our best to figure it out together.

More About Hope Springs

Hope Springs mission is that they 'hold sacred space and transformative programming for growth, leadership, and healing while honoring mind, body, spirit, and the earth'.

Their core philosophy:

'We believe in the inherent worth of every individual.

We value healing for ourselves, humankind, and the planet.​

We practice theory-based and experiential learning that fosters right relationship.​

We believe in respect for ourselves, each other, and the land.

We value the land as a sacred teacher.​

We practice an intersectional approach to our work that honors life's natural diversity and the dignity of every being.'

As a retreat facilitator and holistic wellbeing guide, this is the most amazing place to host retreats. The setting for our retreat is on 130 acres of protected forest and prairie, including:
Walking and hiking trails
Three ponds
11 circuit walking labyrinth
Outdoor firepit
Hot tub
Indoor fireplace
Covered porch and rocking chairs
Endless hot tea
Chef-crafted meals

The Spirit House

This is the reverent space I walked into that  I had a envisioned in July 2014

Inside Spirit House

My vision had rollaway couches around the firepit, but this will do

Reverent Space Abound

As you walk the lands, you'll find nature alters and reverent spaces to take pause

The Studio

Most of our group sessions will be in this large studio, with chairs available

A view of the Farmhouse

From the Studio, here is a view of the Farmhouse and Dining Hall

Nature Alter

Altars honoring the lands and gifts from those that have walked these grounds

Map to Hope Springs Institute - the place of our retreat

Map to Serpent Mound