Meet the Hapgoods of Bramleigh...

The series called "sparkling" and "swoon-worthy" by Austenprose and Austenesque Reviews!

Book One:

She posed as a boy to assist a handsome naturalist. The first things to blossom were scandal and love.

Book Two:

Can a frippery young man capture the heart of practical Elfrida?

Book Three:

One spinster, one widower with three children, and a world of matchmakers!

Book Four:

Tasked with marrying off a spendthrift uncle, Margaret finds love of her own in Bath.

Book Five:

Lionel jeopardizes his future for Edith's art career, but will her friendship and gratitude ever turn to love?

Book Six:

When Hetty decides to find her cousin Caroline a husband, she discovers that scandal makes its own rules.