GemUni Referral Program

Become our Referrer & Increase your income today!

⭐️ Who is eligible to become a GemUni Referrer?

- You are passionate about crypto & NFT games Play to Earn.

- You want a stable, attractive monthly stream of income.

- You believe that NFT gaming should financially benefit the community.

⭐️ What benefits will a GemUni Referrer receive?

- Steady and attractive monthly stream of income.

- Grow your income alongside the fastest growing Play-to-Earn platform.

- Exclusive access to news, updates, and events from the GemUni team.

And many more!

⭐️ How can a Referrer collaborate with GemUni?

As GemUni Referrers, your mission is to drive sales for the GENI Pass NFTs - the membership card to GemUni’s Casual Gaming Platform.

GENI Pass NFTs sales are only valid if bought from the GemUni Official Store, not user-minted. Your monthly income will be based on the GENI Pass NFTs sales performance: