Do you wish your garden was doing the rest of your home justice?

Do you say “I just kill everything, all I grow are weeds?

Maybe you have had a go in the past but it all just seems too complicated and confusing?

Are you stressed out, can barely hear yourself think?

Would a place to go with a cuppa for five minutes’ peace help?

Are you up to your eyeballs and just do not see how gardening could fit in with ALL THE OTHER THINGS?

All of these were me at one point but I do have a lovely garden now.  I share my best tips to get started quickly in my ‘Get started in Gardening Pack’ to take you from novice to smelling the roses with a glass of something cool in your hand!  

What's Included?

All you need to create the garden you want in the time you have with no confusion!

Garden Organizer PDFs

Create your own garden organizer folder by printing out these organizer pages and keeping track of how to care for the plants you actually have using the info on the care labels or from free plant identification apps. Full details included.

"I Don't Have Time" Guide  & Know Your Weeds

No matter how much time you have to spare, there is a way to use it to create a gorgeous garden.  My "I Don't Have Time" guide breaks down the jobs into 5, 15, 30 and 60 minute blocks of Must Do and Optional blocks.

Knowing Your Weeds makes identification of weeds easier and helps you spot little seedlings you want to save.  Free plants are growing under your nose now!

50+ Slug Resistant Plants & Garden Care Calendar

Save yourself the hassle of protecting your plants from slugs and snails and buy from this handy list.  Another job saved!

The one-age Garden Care Calendar maps out the essential jobs for each month - no more head-scratching.

The pages included in this pack are already a hit on Amazon!