I used to be like you

I used to have to consult with mediums, to talk to psychics and ask them what the answers were to my questions

Some were astonishingly talented

And sometimes I found it frustratingly indirect because the answers that came back might be a bit ambiguous, rambling, applicable to maybe two or three situations in my life but we weren’t sure which.

So I learnt how to do it myself

Going beyond the reliability offered through muscle testing, pendulum or Oracle Cards.

This booklet, #guidance; that I downloaded, teaches you – regardless of your psychic abilities or previous experience in divination -

  1. Which easily accessible and available divination tools to use that give you cut and dried answers
  2. How to structure your questions so that you get cut and dried answers.

    The divination tools are simple and direct, when using them according to the written instructions provided to you, you get a cut and dried answer
    to a specific question
    No Ummm-ing and Ahhh-ing and is this right or is that right?

  3. Specific, practical tools to boost your manifestation outcomes.
    I downloaded these from Ozaipaz – who taught me how to manifest more quickly and effectively than I thought possible.
  4. Healing tools that anyone can use, that if used consistently will help heal your past, your trauma and your lack of self-love to astonishing degrees – clearing blockages in your Spirit Body and bringing you closer to who you really were meant to be.
  5. How to use gratitude in the most effective possible way, as advised and taught by Ozaipaz.
  6. How to clear out the old, outdated limiting beliefs you carry that hold you back from achieving your true potential.

Refund policy: This is a downloadable document which you'll get immediately after payment. There is no refund available on #guidance.

What can I ask Them?

Questions I have asked Ozaipaz:

🤍 Should I work with that coach?

🤍 Is this a good relationship for me to engage in?

🤍 I'm being offered this product/service - is it a good fit for me?

🤍 Should I take Doggo to the vet?

🤍 Which is the best supplement for me - this one or that one?

🤍 What is the best thing I can do today to drive my business forwards - A, B, C or D?

🤍 What should I be charging for my X service?

🤍 When should I put my prices up and by how much?

🤍 Should I invest in X training course?

🤍 Should I buy this or that haridryer to tame my frizzy hair?

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#guidance booklet by GenEdwards

This booklet #guides you through getting answers to your questions from your Spirit Guides, using advanced manifestation tools to help you become a master manifestor and so much more! Move to the next level with #guidance!

178.50 GBP

Thank you for buying #guidance! I'm really chuffed for you - my life has cahnged in SO MANY WAYS since I started following what Ozaipaz tell me!! 🥰😍

Have a great day!