Say Goodbye to 'Mum Guilt' Forever...

"I Battled The Unrelenting 'Mum Guilt' My Entire Life Until I Found The Solution To The Puzzle..."

Explore Your Core Values and Uncover Your Unique Human Design

Gain Deeper Awareness and Acceptance of Yourself! 

With the Guidance of Expert Mentoring and Boundaries Setting, Achieve Alignment in Your Personal and Professional Life

Through The H.A.R.M.O.N.Y. Quest, You Will Discover…

🚧 Why your efforts to harmonise business and family are failing… And what you need to do instead.

💸 How to achieve more in 5 hours than you’re currently doing in 10 - Without the struggle with the juggle.

⚖️ Why ‘Balance’ does not solve the ‘Mum Guilt’ and ‘Tug Of War’ problem and what you need to do instead.

🌴 How to set liveable boundaries to transform family time into a guilt and worry-free sanctuary.

🕸️ How to untangle the ‘web of priorities’ between your business and family to maximise quality time.

🕒 Why traditional time management techniques fall short… And how to master fundamental time management skills to say goodbye to the constant juggle and reclaim your precious hours!

🔐 How to turn your next steps into unwavering commitments and unstoppable progress with a reliable partner: I’ll be by your side keeping you accountable throughout your Harmony Quest.

How It Works


In this FREE call, you will find clarity on your unique challenges and goals, uncover hidden areas for improvement and explore how the Harmony Blueprint will enhance your life, all for FREE!


After the Harmony call, if you choose to work with me, complete the Harmony Assessment and attend your Strategy Call where we will create a personalised and actionable plan for you.


We will begin by discovering your true Core Values then we will use your Human Design so you can embrace your gifts and work most efficiently in all areas of life for more JOY!

The H.A.R.M.O.N.Y. Blueprint

If you're overwhelmed, doubting yourself and stuck on the endless work treadmill...

Then, I invite you to schedule a call with me ⬇️ you can be confidently in control, spend quality time with your loved ones, and thrive in both your family and business.

Why Work With Me?

I don't teach 'balance' because it doesn't work. I teach Harmony to blend your business and family seamlessly, fostering Joy and Real Focus.

Balancing was like spinning plates, leaving "Mum Guilt" and the "Tug of War" intact.

Harmony, not balance, is the solution. It aligns your priorities, propelling both forward.

Join my 3-month Harmony Quest, guided by the H.A.R.M.O.N.Y. Blueprint, to conquer guilt and find Joy and Focus, not through balance but through Harmony.

Here's what makes me unique:

Harmony Quest
 Personalised Plan
 Unlimited Mentoring (24/7 Support)
 Tailored for Mums battling "Mum Guilt" and the "Tug of War" between Business and Family
 Focus On Harmonising Life
 Weekly Mentoring Sessions
 Gain Accountability
Other Coaching
 Generic plan not suited to your unique life
 Little to no support between sessions
 Not tailored to your unique circumstances
 Focus On 'Balancing' (Which doesn't work, I tried!)
 Once a month or less coaching sessions
 Doesn't make you accountable

PLUS Gain Access To The Build with Boundaries Academy…

  • Resources to untangle the knots of your daily struggles.
  • Downloads, templates, checklists, courses handpicked for you to become most efficient.

Book a free call to see if this is right for you!

About Me...

Hello, I'm Mahnaz. I empower mums like you to banish "Mum Guilt" and discover more Joy, Focus, and Clarity in your family and business.

I've experienced the same daily whirlwind of tasks, caught between family and business pressures. The struggle was real, and my business dreams often took a back seat.

Lockdown brought even more interruptions from my kids and husband. Juggling these roles left me drained and feeling stuck in a constant "Tug of War."

I tried finding balance, thinking it was the solution, but it left me feeling like I was spinning plates. Balance couldn't banish "Mum Guilt" or end the "Tug of War." I needed Harmony instead.

Harmony is like the gears in a clock, allowing my business and family priorities to coexist harmoniously, propelling both forward.

Understanding that many mums believe that 'balance' is the answer, I created the H.A.R.M.O.N.Y. Blueprint. It saved me from months of struggle, and now I'm here to help you achieve the same harmony where business and family thrive together.

Book a free call to see if this is right for you!

1 to 1 mentoring from Just £444 per month

To find out more - let's chat

Don’t Think You’re Ready? 

This isn't just about business; It's about igniting Joy and Focus in both your personal and business life. It’s not complicated, overwhelming or generic…

It’s tailored specifically for Mums like you, offering actionable steps to simplify your life and business.

You’ll have 24/7 access to me and step-by-step guidance to ensure you stay accountable and never feel overwhelmed on your journey to Harmony and Joy.

You might be thinking: “But I Don’t Have The Time Or Money…” A few years ago I would’ve said the same…

But if you’re truly serious about improving your business and family life, you’ll find the time and resources…

Give yourself Permission to Prioritise your business!

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