Welcome to How to Have Difficult Conversations

I know you are here because this is something that you are either avoiding because you find them so challenging and icky, or because you don't know how to do them well, and it's something you need to do.

This masterclass is just what you need! We will cover over a 60 minute virtual session, the why, the who, the how to and all of the other aspects in between.

Having difficult conversations is so important to our relationships, our family members, teams and work places that we need to master how to have good difficult conversations, so that we move on from a stagnant and difficult place.

Now don't get me wrong, I hate them!

Even now, when I have learned to have better difficult conversations, they make my toes curl! However, that's more about me - a self-confessed people pleaser - and how I feel. I'm also an empath and I deeply feel for the person on the receiving end. So it is so important that we do these conversations well, with integrity and with the best care and concern we can to ensure that the message is received well, and not like a bomb dropping on us from a significant height!

Everyone expects you, the leader, to solve their problems and speak on their behalf and sometimes leadership ends up being far removed from what you hoped it would be.

So what will we cover in the 60 minute session?

💬   Why we need to have difficult conversations.

💬   How much conflict can cost you/ your relationship/ your team/ your organisation.

💬   How to decide if you should have a difficult conversation and who should be there.

💬   How to decide when and where to have the difficult conversation.

💬   Then we will look at the details of how to have the conversation: 

        > start the conversation

        > structuring it well

        > managing the emotions

        > making sure positive action follows

❔  Finally, making sure we reflect on our 'performance' to ensure we adapt and learn for any future difficult conversations we may  need to have.

What's there to lose?

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