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 A regular yoga practice can be something you do to cross-train for other sports or activities, to give you lower back pain relief, or to help you find the inner calm that currently eludes you. Learn my Top 10 Tips to ease you into that first yoga class, feeling more confident and ready for what's to come.

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Hi! My name is Janine Agoglia and I have been practicing and teaching Vinyasa yoga since 1995. After 22 years of teaching in studios, I set off on my own and started Purple Room Yoga, Online Yoga Studio in 2021. My mission is to help you Age Gracefully with Strength, Balance, Mobility, and Mindfulness. Purple Room Yoga is the place to learn how to cross-train for life using the practice and wisdom of yoga and meditation.

I help active adults stay active in their lives, whether you are playing with your kids/grandkids, or biking, swimming, running, walking, hiking, playing tennis or golf, or any activity that brings joy. When your body feels stiff or painful, it is difficult to do all of the things you like to do; practicing yoga keeps your body strong and supple so that you can move through your day with ease.

With online yoga, mindful core, stretch, and meditation classes for Beginners through Experienced students, you will find the support you need to build functional and core strength, increase your ability to balance, improve your functional mobility, and learn mindfulness, to move from stress and anxiety to feeling calm and present every day.

All are welcome at Purple Room Yoga. Come as you are. Now is the time to stop simply aging, and start Aging Gracefully with Strength, Balance, Mobility, and Mindfulness.