You're Ready to Become Fully Booked with an Offer You and Your Clients are Obsessed With.

THE premier room where you make this happen:

I C O N I C   C O A C H

 4 Months with Sarah Plowman to Elevate Your Biz Foundations So You Go From Underearner to 
Profitable Coach

Begins August 2024

You know you are a great coach.

Your clients love you and they get results.

But you’re struggling to communicate the power of your work on Instagram in a way that:

💥Feels authentic

💥Creates consistent consults, clients and cash

So you end up in a vicious cycle of:

feeling rejected and discouraged


lowering your prices every time you get a no 


shaming yourself for changing your offer again


making fewer offers...and less money  (sound familiar?)

The result?

😫You’re under-earning when you know you're meant for SO MUCH MORE.

We’re going to end that cycle now.

💸In just 3 short years I’ve created a nearly $1m coaching business organically on Instagram

❌Not by following strict strategies or trends
❌Not by going viral or having a large audience

But by being...

boldly and unapologetically me.

Because of that I get to make a lot of money working with clients who are excited to pay me.

And the best part is it has nothing to do with me being a special unicorn... 

...and everything to do with how I choose to think about myself, my offer and my audience.

It works for me.

It works for my clients.

And it will work for you.

Put yourself in the room for this powerful 4 month experience and learn the simple skills & mindset shifts to guarantee you become the Profitable Coach you know you're meant to be.

I know you’re ready to….

✨Attract "hell yes!" clients through your Instagram content without posting a million times every week

✨Get paid today by high-ticket clients without needing to attract a whole new audience or go viral

✨Stop worrying about what people think of you and start being boldly and unapologetically YOU

✨Have fun on consults instead of worrying if your energy is too needy and graspy

✨Leap to your next income level now

✨Sell to clients who are excited to pay in full at your highest rates

✨Believe in your body that you know how to create consults, clients, and cash

✨Feel in control of your business results

These desires are in you for a reason. What you want wants you back, and I'm going to help you create it. 

What You Get:

💫One (1) Weekly Copywriting/Strategy Call with Sarah [Mondays at 11am EST]

💫One (1) Weekly Mindset Coaching Call with Sarah [Thursdays at 1pm EST]

💫Pop-up LIVE training series on elevating your consults so getting yes's feels easy and authentic [Dates TBD]

💫Pop-up LIVE training series on how to host epic masterclasses that convert [Dates TBD]

💫Personal evaluation & direct coaching after each consult

AND an epic bonus I just added...

💫10x Accelerator Week: a series of daily workshops during our first week together designed to lay the foundation of your fully booked coaching business and 10x your investment (February 26-March 1)

Workshop topics include:

Nailing Your IG Bio
Excellent Customer Service: Mapping Your Client Journey
Designing Your Fully Booked Schedule
Your Unique Process for Creating Consults

...and more

💫Facebook group dedicated to build community, peer coaching and support and of course lots of celebration.

💫Your investment is $10,000 pay in full or five payments of $2,200

APPLY NOW because we start MONDAY, FEBRUARY 26!

What To Expect:

🌟An intimate group experience with individualized attention, feedback and coaching WITH SARAH, not contract coaches

🌟An emotionally safe, supportive space to look at what you really want and what it will take to make it happen

🌟World class mindset coaching designed to bring you closer to your future self

🌟Direct business feedback and advice

🌟An upleveled relationship with yourself, your business and MONEY

🌟Lots of laughter, tears and F-bombs

🌟A coach who really cares about you and holds unwavering belief in what you're capable of

This Is For You If You Are...

✨Committed to taking your business to the next level

✨Ready to participate fully in getting coached and then applying the coaching

✨Energized by being part of a group of peers working toward a similar goal

✨Into Sarah's vibe and the way her coaching lands for you

✨Open to letting go of the stories that are holding you back

✨Craving support from someone who's done what you want to do

✨Unapologetically delusional

✨All in on you and your business

✨Trusting yourself, trusting me as your coach, and trusting the process

All that's left is to ask yourself how good are you willing to let your life and business get? 

Let's go find out together.


Your Coach Sarah