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You found me! This is the newsletter for Author Brandy Schillace and the Peculiar Book Club (it's a two-fer). I grew up in an underground house, next to a graveyard, in abandoned coal lands… with a pet raccoon. (Oddly, this tends not to surprise people as much as I think it will.) I'm #autistic, hyperlexic, gender fluid, and--let's face it, a touch goth. And Peculiar Book Club is my erstwhile home, where we can all be weird together.

PECULIAR BOOK CLUB: a safe haven of nerdery for all peculiar people with bizarre interests–and best of all, you get to chat LIVE with your favorite authors through the magic of internets. Get the free show-links, recipes for the book cocktail, previews for music and events sent right to your email. Come for the books, stay for the weird! (Join our Facebook Group to just, you know, hang out with us).