Join me on Thursday 30 March at 8pm FREE masterclass

I am so excited to be running a 45 minute masterclass for parents.

In this masterclass I will be going through tips and techniques that you can use with your children in order to help them feel happier and calmer and for you to feel like a happier and calmer parent.

Happy parent, happy children and vice versa.

If you find it difficult to calm your children, if you find it difficult to calm yourself, this masterclass will offer you some little tips and tricks using mindfulness techniques to help you feel calmer and happier about parenting. You are more then capable of being a fantastic parent to your children, but sometimes when we feel stressed and overwhelmed it can be difficult to remember that, so I would love for you to join me at 8pm on Thursday 30th March on Zoom so that we can make sure feel like the strong capable parent you are all the time!

Fill in the form below and and I cannot wait to see you there! (a replay will be sent out afterwards)