🌟 Early Years & KS1 parents 🌟 

You’re here because your child is struggling with their reading and spelling and you are unsure about how to support them.

The good news is that I can help!

After working with me to fill in the gaps in their learning, your child will be hitting their learning targets and their self-esteem and confidence will rocket!🚀

I’m Rochelle, a qualified teacher and official Jigsaw Phonics tutor. Book a call today so we can discuss the best support for your child 

Children love Jigsaw Phonics lessons with their phonics friends, Puzzle, Wug and Trick. Here’s what they are saying:

"I know how to read! I can help Puzzle the panda! Charlotte."

"Welcome to earth Wug! We will help you learn English!" Jack 

"The Trick lessons are so good because you can write and check. Trick is a clever robot!" Abhay

Hi, I'm Rochelle, and you're in the right place to get help for your child's reading and spelling

I would  love to support your child on their mission to becoming a fluent reader! Book a slot below so we can discuss your child's tuition needs.

Pricing for tutoring: 

 (One 45 minute session will be taught per week. Please note sessions must be paid in full a month in advance)

Group tuition: (£37.50 per session) £150.00 per Month

Paired tuition:  (£47.00 per session) £188.00 per Month

Individual tuition: (£72.00 per session) £288.00 per Month