Journey to Flexibility

4 week flexibility & mobility program

Improve your flexibility & mobility from the comfort of your home.

Embark on a transformative journey to enhance your flexibility & mobility, learn advanced asanas in an accessible way, and experience newfound freedom in your body.

Hi, I’m Sara.

I used to think that because I spent my childhood playing tennis instead of doing gymnastics or dance, it was impossible for me to learn advanced flexibility poses as an adult. Luckily, I was wrong. 

I discovered that with consistent practice and a proper technique I can achieve amazing results and so can you!

Let me introduce you to the Journey to Flexibility!

Journey to Flexibility is a comprehensive 4-week online program designed to help you improve your overall range of motion and achieve your flexibility & mobility goals. Whether you're a yoga enthusiast, an athlete, or someone looking to improve your overall well-being, this program is designed to help you open your body (and mind) to a new range of motion.


Journey to flexibility is so much more than just stretching. In each class you’ll be guided through a series of drills, strengthening exercises, and techniques that will not only learn such poses as front splits, middle splits, wheel, and floor bow with a reversed grip, but you will also significantly strengthen your entire body and gain control over your muscles.

How to access the Journey to Flexibility program?

Journey to Flexibility program is accessible to all SATI studio subscribers. One you get your membership, you will gain access to the Journey to Flexibility program as well as 200+ other on-demand classes, programs, and livestreams for only EUR 14.99/month (EUR 0.50/day)!


Sign up and get your SATI membership.

Visit the App Store or Google Play, type in "SATI studio", and download the app. Log in with your email and password, and enjoy the abundance of practices!

You can practice on a bigger screen. In each class, you can find the option 'PLAY ON A COMPUTER.' Scan the QR code provided in the app on your computer, and there you go!

Expertly Crafted Classes

Learn flexibility & mobility techniques that worked wonders for me and hundreds of my students. Each class combines theoretical knowledge with practical exercises, ensuring a holistic learning experience.

    Progressive Approach

    Our program is structured to gradually build your flexibility over 4 weeks. From foundational stretches to mastering advanced poses, you'll witness your range of motion expand week by week.

      Accessible for All Levels

      Journey to Flexibility offers clear instructions and modifications that make it easy for newer practitioners while offering challenges for those seeking to deepen their practice.

        Holistic Flexibility Training

        Beyond poses, our program explores the science of flexibility & mobility, helping you understand your body better. Gain insights into the principles that drive flexibility & mobility and discover how to integrate them into your daily life.

          Easy to fit into your routine

          All classes are 25-45 minutes long and we practice 3-4 times a week. Because the videos are pre-recorded and can even be downloaded to your device, you can do your practice whenever it suits you.


            In February 2024, Sara will also offer two livestream workshops (on February 22 & 29), one focused on lower body, and one on upper body flexibility.

              Program benefits:

              Increased Range of Motion:

              • Experience a noticeable improvement in your flexibility & mobility.

              Learn Advanced Poses Safely:

              • Master advanced yoga poses in a safe and supportive environment with a step-by-step guidance of an experienced instructor.

              Build Mind-Body Connection:

              • Connect with your body on a deeper level, fostering mindfulness and a sense of balance in your everyday life.

              Why Choose Journey to Flexibility:

              • Proven Results: Join countless others who have transformed their flexibility & mobility with our program.

              • Convenience: Enjoy the flexibility of participating from the comfort of your own home, on your schedule.

              • Supportive Community: Connect with a community of like-minded individuals on the same journey, sharing experiences and motivation.

              Enroll Now:

              Take the first step towards a more flexible and empowered you. Join Journey to Flexibility today and unlock the full potential of your body.

              Ready to step into your power?