How to Productize Your Annual Meeting

THURSDAY, MAY 11, 2023

11am - 3pm eastern time

How to Productize Your Annual Meeting

This session is a live, engaging intro to productizing your association’s annual meeting.

Most, if not all, associations rely on the annual meeting to build community, make progress on big ideas, and celebrate milestones. It is also a cornerstone of annual revenue. This workshop addresses how to position your annual meeting as a springboard for longitudinal engagement and to leverage your meeting’s diverse programming to create new spinoff products and new revenue streams.

In this interactive, outcome-based workshop, we will address the following:

  • Turn a once-a-year event into a longitudinal experience.

  • Define productization and understand why it matters to your association.

  • Identify, leverage, componentize, and translate your meeting’s value.

  • Apply a high-level product framework to your annual meeting.

  • Develop and validate a productized concept from existing programming.

  • Tell the story to create ongoing, longitudinal engagement.

You will leave with a high-level product roadmap for your annual meeting.

Please join us!

Enhance Engagement


Make your association indispensable by creating a culture of longitudinal connection and learn to monetize engagement.



Leverage underutilized value into new products that members want. Use these new products to build new revenue streams.



Utilize a repeatable product framework to unearth new ideas and develop new processes in order to reach new people.



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