Daily Devotional: 

A Course in Miracles with Morning Meditation and evening Review & Meditation

A Course in Miracles is one of the oldest personal development books. The book aims to teach you how to view things the way Jesus did - it’s not about Christianity - it’s about becoming more like Jesus. It is about developing “Christ Consciousness”.

And here’s the thing - you will experience a Miracle - it is inevitable with this course

I had what I call my “Homecoming experience” while doing a Course in Miracles - God and the universe gave me every sign I asked for over a couple of days.

Your Upward Spiral

Your Upward Spiral was my first coaching program. And it is meant to create an energetic makeover. This program was created by my documenting of the exercises I did while becoming a coach that led me to overcome Depression and made me a more positive person. There are 12 lessons. Each week, you will get the text for that week which includes a homework assignment. Once a week we’ll have a group meeting to go over that weeks lesson.

A Time To Heal

A Time To Heal is the new program by David Jacks that is meant to guide your healing from unresolved trauma and being abused. This program has some variables, making it a choose-your-own-adventure healing journey. This isn't just about learning; this is about doing and healing. Lastly, you'll learn how to create a lifestyle that supports your new best self. Completion of A Time to Heal is also a gateway to better relationships and if you are single, will help you attract your person.

Plant Medicine Retreat

The Plant medicine retreat is optional and will be with Parinama Retreats. It will take place April 12-14. This retreat will be customized- if you are not a fit for Ahyahuasca, the shaman will give you other options. There will be fireside evenings with meditation and cooking food. Past life regression therapy, kambo, yoga, hypnosis, Shadow work, massage, and integration therapy.


Hypnosis with Rebecca Basaleh. She is a certified Hypnotherapy and tarot practitioner. She uses these modalities to Heal the inner child, past life regressions, and higher self conversations, release anxiety, and embrace the true self.

The retreat will take place  in Orlando, FL



Energy Leadership Index Assessment & Debrief $200 value

ADD & Mood Disorder Type Assessment & Debriefs. $100 value

Intake form and debrief $100 value


Everything in the Silver Package +

20 NET Sessions with Level 3 Certified Practitioner Kitty Ghen

20, 30-minute coaching sessions with me!

$497/ month

PlatinumSilver + Gold + Plant Medicine Retreat

The retreat will be hosted by Parinama Retreats in Orlando, Florida on April 12-13Special Price of $888 OR you could make payments of $90/month

Payment plan + Silver & Gold = $587/month

Facebook Group to house the program

Base Package - Silver

A Course in Miracles Morning Devotional - Daily

Your Upward Spiral Coaching Program - 12 lessons to create an energetic Makeover and free yourself from Depression

A Time to Heal - This is going to be 8 lessons on healing from trauma, abuse, childhood

we will stay on each lesson 2-4 weeks
Hypnotherapy - 4 sessions




Your Upward Spiral - $1,097

A time to Heal - $1197

Hypnotherapy - $100 per session

NET Typically Costs $135-150 for a half hour

I typically charge $90 for 30-minute coaching sessions

$888 is a great price for a retreat - other places are charging $1100

A Course in Miracles - Develop Christ Consciousness / Homecoming

During the workshop, 

I'll mention Neuro-emotional Technique (NET) 

and how it's generally $135-150Hypnotherapy.

$100+Plant Medicine Varies although you need a shaman for Ayahuasca

Then I'll explain my coaching program

what me and my friends put together for you

I'm thinking a full year although I want your input on that 

will a full year be overwhelming to some?

I think that's what you need if you want a full recovery but I could do it in 9 months



A Course in Miracles A Course in Miracles is one of the oldest personal development books of all time. In fact, the text is written similarly to the bible and could be difficult to interpret. That is why we will skip the text and do the workbook. When it comes to healing, remember that it comes from work and experiences rather than learning. The exercises in the book are to help the reader reach a higher level of consciousness. Some people refer to it as Christ Consciousness. The idea is to see the world the way he did, to come to embody love, acceptance, and openness.


Sponsor - Excuse me for borrowing from the 12 steps - the most challenging thing about a healing journey is not having someone who understands to talk to - other than your therapist or coach- that’s why you’ll have a sponsor. And if you need to go beyond your sponsor, you’ll have access to me.

Kitty is an Acupuncturist, Reiki practitioner, and Certified in NET which makes perfect sense as these are all energy healing modalities and complimentary of each other. NET stands for Neuro Emotional Technique which I credit for getting over my triggers. And I had a level 1 practitioner and Kitty is a level 3 master practitioner!


"David is an exceptional coach who helped me make important decisions on my personal and professional life. He connected with me and understood the psychology of my "thinking". David suggested ways to improve my quality of life and helped me develop an optimistic attitude which enhanced my physical and mental wellbeing. I highly recommend David Jacks!"

''Anthony Cosenza''

"Dave Jacks has made the effort to take an innovative and holistic approach to coaching with results. The only side effects you will experience are positive if you follow his advice from his in-depth research and using his life experiences. I highly recommend working with Dave if you're committed to healing and a result oriented person."

''Michele L''

"I had the opportunity to attend coach training with David and also witness him coach others. He has tremendous insight, professionalism and an overall great energy that is wonderful to be around. David is a true professional in ever sense and has a unique ability to really connect with those he coaches while forwarding them on their journey. When I think of David the words, courage, determination and passion come to mind. I can not recommend David enough for your coaching needs."

''Robin Galardi''


Harmony represents the balance and unity within our team as we embark on this healing journey together

Meet Becca Basaleh, Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, CHt through the National Association of Transpersonal Hypotherapists (HATH)

Kitty Ghen offers Neuro Emotional Technique (NET). Kitty Ghen is a world-renowned leader in the Neuro Emotional Technique, commonly known as NET, community. Neuro Emotional Technique is the heart of Kitty Ghen’s Personal Development and Health Services practice. “It brings me a lot of joy to practice NET with patients because I’m helping them release things that have been stuck in their patterning and in their lives for a long time

Verena Young, Parinama Retreats

Sociologist, Interpersonal Hypnotherapist, Psycho-Spiritual Integration Coach, Yoga Teacher, Reconnective Healing Practitioner, Family Constellation Facilitator

James Wise, Parinama Retreats

Psychosynthesis Coach, Mindset and Law of Attraction Coach, Plant Medicine Integration, Human Design and Behavior Specialist, in Education for Behavioral Science (BA)

Dawn Touchstone, Nirvana Wakes Church

Medicine woman, guardian and protector of sacred medicines, and facilitator of sacred ceremonies, and the founder of Nirvana Wakes, a Plant Medicine Church established in Central Florida in 2021

David Jacks used NET to find and dismantle his trauma and triggers. And still gets NET treatments today to keep any negative events from getting lodged in his body - He used NET to recover and now he's using NET to stay ahead of his Trauma / CPTSD.

Consistent use of NET is necessary if you want to heal and become and trigger proof.

Sam Conrad Hypnotherapy

Clinical and Transpersonal Hypnotherapist - Past-Life-Regression - Inter-Life-Regression - Yoga Teacher