• Are you yearning for a moment to find space to simply breathe and find peace and tranquility?
  • Are you longing to feel inspired by life and connected to your body again?
  • Would you like to explore the subtle energetics of your body to allow you to find release and clearing to create space for fresh perspective and new creativity?
  • Are you craving a spark of rejuvenation, with a solid dose of laughter and all the joy with like minded souls

Welcome The 'Elements' Retreat with Helen Olivia...

    What can you expect?

    Join Helen for 6 nights of 5 Element Theory inspired yoga, insight, play, exploration, laughter, community, connection and joy.

    This yoga retreat is not like a traditional yoga themed offering - it is inspired and uniquely delivered through the lens of the ancient wisdom of the Dao and 5 Element Theory - An Eastern philosophy based on the meridian system - your energy body. 

    Your subtle energy anatomy  ~ your energy body, holds information deep within you, holding emotions and memory and holds the key to liberating and inspiring you mentally and emotionally.

    Helen will draw on the 5 elements to connect you to your own life experiences, in dynamic morning practices of  Vinyasa including meditation and pranayama (breathwork) and more relaxing evening practices of Yin and Restorative Yoga. This will lead you on a journey through the more subtle aspects of yourself. 

    When we learn to see life through the balance of energetics - Yin and Yang - the feminine and the masculine energies - we understand how to find equilibrium and learn to flow through life's ebbs and flows with more emotional buoyancy, discovering the sweetness of life with gratitude, acceptance and self compassion. 

    Each day we connect to one of the 5 Elements to allow you to journey through your own ‘awakening’. Discover your own unique personal insights through the wisdom of this connection.

    Want to feel more abundant in your body, more grounded, centered and less in your head ruminating or struggling with anxiety?  We connect to the element of the Earth.

    Are you holding onto something or weighed with sadness which is holding you back and restricting the natural flow of life?  We connect to the Metal element to cut away and create space for new inspiration. 

    By harnessing the energies of each of the 5 Elements - Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal - you are able to witness any limitations keeping you bound, connect to your body in new and meaningful ways, discover insight and clarity, move through what is needed and return to lightness, playfulness, abundance and joy. 

      Your package includes;

        6 nights private accommodation at our luxury retreat villa ‘Maison Enchanted’

        All yoga sessions (optional) – if you prefer to take a day off and just relax on the beach instead of doing yoga you are most welcome; it is your holiday.

        Full board deliciously healthy gourmet plant-based meals cooked by our private chef - *with one evening free to explore the culinary delights Ibiza has to offer.

        Full hosting services provided by the luxuriously attentive host team; on site 24 hours

        • In house treatment therapists

        Daily housekeeping services

        • 100% organic cotton bed linen & towels

        • Towel change on request

        • Pool towels

        • Organic shampoo & conditioner

        • Welcome detox shot & healthy canapés on arrival

        • A daily healthy juice or smoothie

        • Unlimited (herbal) teas and mineral water

        • Coffee with breakfast (or more often on request)

        • Daily Fruit bowl

        • All yoga equipment


          Option One

          TWIN en-suite rooms - 2 singles in one room

          £1800 - Secure your room with a £300 deposit, or pay 50% now, and final balance by 5/5.

          Option Two *only one remaining*

          DOUBLE en-suite room - 1 double bed - Ideal for 2 good friends, mother & daughter, siblings, a couple

          £1650 - Secure your room with a £300 deposit, or pay 50% now, and final balance by 5/5.

          Option Three

          TRIPLE en-suite room - 3 singles in one room

          £1500 - Secure your room with a £300 deposit, or pay 50% now, and final balance by 5/5.

          Or as a private room buyout (single person occupancy) *Only one remaining*

          £2400 - Secure your room with a £300 deposit, or pay 50% now, and final balance by 5/5.

          All prices based per person. 

          Monthly payment plans to spread the cost.

          *BESPOKE payment plans available. 

          Let yourself be silently drawn, by the strange pull, of what you really love

          ~ Rumi

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