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Dear frazzled solopreneur,

It’s time to create a more soulfilled day that aligns with YOUR needs. 

That boosts rather than depletes your energy levels. 

That leaves you reaching for mindful rather than mindless activities during and at the end of the day, to continue filling up your cup as your head touches the pillow, ready for a restful night’s sleep and looking forward to the day ahead. 

The secret to all this? 

Designing your day, your way.

You left the 9-5 hamster wheel because you wanted more freedom to choose how you spend your time. 

You left the 9-5 life to:

  • look after your wellbeing

  • have more freedom to create and run a business you feel passionate about 

  • create some time for a passion project/hobby you’ve been wanting to start for years

But you’ve been caught in the trap of doing what you feel you should be doing to feel like you have had a ‘productive’ day, rather than what you want to be doing.  What aligns with your values and feels right.

And you’ve secretly been thinking: 

'I managed my time brilliantly when I was employed by a corporate, why can't I do it as effectively now that I'm my own boss. Why am I turning into my own worst boss too?'

The truth is, you’ve been struggling without: 

  • a structure or rhythm to your day that enables you to focus on what matters most to you

  • the motivation to get on and get things done at your pace

It’s time to create a working day that works for rather than against you. Bringing you more energy, motivation and fulfilment to your life, without the burnout. 

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  • Struggling to focus your time and energies when you sit down to work and end up getting easily distracted by your phone or email

  • Calling yourself 'your own worst boss' because you are working longer hours than ever before

  • Usually exhausted by the end of your working day

Ready to....

  • Step up and shine as the CEO of your life and business?

  • Have the kind of focus that leaves you forgetting about those distractions that sap your time, energy and motivation?

  • Spring out of bed excited and ready to embrace the day because you know what you'll be focusing on (and why) and it's filled with things you LOVE?

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