Meet Chad

Hi Friend, thank you for stopping by!

If you are checking out this page you have likely experienced the pain points of the Catholic single life.

You know the experience... you watch over the years as your friends entering into their Vocations of marriage, priesthood, and religious life and you wonder "when will it be me?"

Dating apps and young adult events often lead to dead ends.

What you really seek is personal transformation to live your God-inspired purpose today while also preparing for the marriage of your dreams.

That's where I can help.

Aside from my coach training, I have the personal experience of being single in my 30's.  I know first hand what it is like to experience the loneliness, wandering, and frustration of wanting to enter into a permeant Vocation.

I have been able to reflect on this experience on a spiritual level being a missionary for over a decade.  But one of the things that distinguishes me is that I am a trained and Certified Professional Coach, and I am able to apply my talents in helping you live your God-inspired calling (vocation) today while preparing for your permanent Vocation in the future.

Feel free to check out any of my free resources like my E-book on Overcoming the Cycle of Pressure and Inaction and my podcast Catholic, Single, and Flourishing.

I also want to invite you to consider hiring me as your coach via a One-on-One Strategy Session or Catholic Singles Coaching.  

Chad Etzel is a Leadership Coach and host of the Catholic, Single, and Flourishing podcast. He has completed a half-ironman, has walked on hot coals three times, and is part-owner of the Green Bay Packers. He currently lives in Denver, Colorado.