HIQU ART & PHOTO PRINTS. Sales strategy for artists, photographers, art dealers & galleries.
How to sell art prints? Photographing artwork, editing files, print quality. Pricing scheme & marketing.

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Sales strategy for artists, photographers, art dealers & galleries. How to sell art prints? Photographing artwork, editing files, print quality. Pricing scheme & marketing.

Below, you will find more information about the book.

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You may find this book valuable, 

buy it now if:

1. You are a professional visual artist, photographer or amateur and:

    • you don't sell much or are just planning to start selling your prints,
    • you know you are great, but you feel that your art is undervalued, or you have trouble setting prices,
    • you have been an artist since analog times, and you lack knowledge and skills in using digital solutions, knowledge of modern printing possibilities, or you do not know how to use them,
    • you are a young creator, and you lack references to the classics,
    • you are looking for a reference point for the valuation of your works and sales strategy,
    • you would like to verify your offer,
    • you don't know how to present your quote to the client and how to avoid discussing it,
    • you use a home printer or print in a printing house in CMYK, and you are not satisfied with the color and quality results, 
    • you would like to present your works professionally: sign, describe, catalog, and you need inspiration to do it,
    • you want to achieve synergy between classics and contemporary opportunities of the art market,
    • you don't feel appreciated when you sell your works on art and photography portals and photo banks for a low commission;

    2. You are a teacher at an art school, you are holding painting, digital graphics, or photography courses. Or you are an exhibition curator, art gallery representative, or art dealer. Buy this book now if you feel it is worth knowing:

    • a new study about current printing possibilities, paper properties, compilations of classic and contemporary artistic standards, building a sales strategy, creating high-quality prints and calculate selling prices.
    • my different points of view and additional arguments are probably good for starting a constructive discussion with students and clients

    Let this book be an inspiration for you :)

    Selected Issues:

    • What is Giclée, Fine Art Prints? Facts and myths. When is a print classified as a work of art? A work of art and the law. CMYK, and the latest quality standards of artistic printing and paper types. Cataloging works of art. Droit de suite. Inheritance law.
    • Digitization of works of art. Scanning works of art. Smartphone. Camera. Upscaling. 
    • 2D fine art photography. Picture, camera, light. Settings. Preparing files for artistic printing. Initial file editing. ICC profiles: camera, computer, printer, paper. File sizes and color depth. PPI vs DPI file sizes. Color depth 8-bit, 16-bit or 32-bit? Preparing files for publication on the Internet. How to protect your copyrights. 
    • The uniqueness of the work, circulation, and marking of prints. Selected concepts and markings of artistic prints of photographs and collectible graphics. HIQU Collectible Art Print and Collector's Folder. Circulation, markings, series, and the number of the artistic print. How AI and Chat GTP can help artists. Introduction to NFTs. 
    • Price and sales. Diversification of the offer and the importance of exhibitions. Costs and valuation. Sale of artistic photography and works of art.
    • Exhibitions, competitions, and sales. Sales funnel. 
    • Valuation key.
    • Sales strategy.

    Buy this book, and it will inspire you to develop!