If you find yourself caught in the monotonous cycle of life, drained by stress, and yearning for deeper meaning, the "Awakened Soul Journey: Personal Coaching and Energy Alignment" awaits you! Let go of the crutches you rely on to get through the day and the pressure to conform. It's time to embrace a soul-stirring transformation and step into a life of clarity, balance and profound connection.

During this transformative 8-week program, we will work 1:1 together to release what no longer serves you, break free from stress and anxiety, and realign your energies for a harmonious existence.

Some of the most significant changes we can make in our lives are when we step out of our comfort zone!

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Awakened Soul Journey:  Personal Coaching and Energy Alignment

1:1 Energy Healing and Coaching Package(8 weeks). Includes: 3 - Crystal Reiki Energy Healing Sessions (in-person or distance),5 - 60 minutes coaching sessions, daily support via email or text message, tools and resources to help you on your journey

725.00 CAD

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