With the MIRACLE Minutes method
you too can live centered and connected in 15 minutes a day!

Do you sprint through your day meeting other's needs and putting your wants last? Are you chained to your to-do list without getting a bit of time for yourself? Do you sometimes feel like a pinball with your thoughts, feelings, and actions? I got you.

Or maybe you're already working on your mindset, being kinder to yourself, and finding gratitude, but you could really use some support and accountability during your process? If you just need a little positive guidance and daily check in, I got you, too. 

The MIRACLE Minutes method helps women move from chaotic to centered through daily guided journaling with affirmation cards in a collaborative community, all in less than 15 minutes a day. Doesn't that sound like wonderful YOU time? Join us!    

The power of MIRACLE Minutes is the ease and simplicity of enjoying brief journal sessions guided by affirmation cards and suggested prompts. 

You decide when this time best fits into your day.

Waiting for you inside the MIRACLE Minutes community is a world of inspiration and information to help bring joy and peace to your daily life. And as a treasured member, you will also help shape our community as we learn from each other and grow together.

Invest in yourself with a yearly or quarterly membership and reap the benefits of:

  • Having fun with the new member Welcome Walk and meeting others
  • Guided journaling, suggested writing prompts, and affirmations and tips from numerous card decks
  • Connecting with others during our weekly and monthly zoom sessions
  • Staying accountable with monthly co-journaling and enrichment activities
  • Feeling supported by the heart-centered members in our private Facebook community
  • Enjoying enrollment bonus(es), which are shipped within 3 days
  • Locking in your membership rate which never increases

$99 per Quarter

Join quarterly and receive the Feed Your Soul
creativity and gratitude journal - a $19 value!

$330 per Year

Join annually, get two months free, and receive the Messages to Myself affirmation deck with engraved stand - a $114 value!

Check out what's waiting for you inside!

The MIRACLE Minutes community gathers in our private Facebook group which provides daily affirmations, suggested journal prompts, and occasional activities to help you live centered and connected in 15 minutes a day. 

I've created this space to allow the connection and growth to happen, but YOU are the key. You have to be there and be willing to participate and share, and to both offer and receive support and friendship.   

Invest in your future self with a yearly or monthly membership and gain immediate access to:

  • The Welcome Walk for new members to get you acquainted and enjoying yourself right away
  • Daily affirmations and tips from numerous inspiring and artful affirmation and oracle decks
  • Introduction videos for each of the affirmation decks featured in the community
  • Daily guided journaling with thoughtful and reflective prompts and photos
  • Tips and activities for self care, stress management, and better sleep
  • Weekly sessions on Zoom to share and connect
  • Monthly co-journaling sessions to learn new journal methods 
  • Your enrollment bonus(es), which are shipped within 3 days
  • Ever more goodness as we grow and evolve together

    "I love it so much because even though I can't journal every single day, each day I go to the group to see what Kat has posted. It's always a breath of fresh air! It's really lovely, and she's got some wise words, and what she shares in the journal prompts are always so good! I even started writing again, and I am starting a blog! I think it's a really great community of women and I love it so much."
    ~ Kelly L, Idaho

    "Accountability and community has been a game changer for me!! I have always been someone who loves to journal but most of my journaling is all over the map. Since joining Kat's community my journaling has been way more intentional and powerful. If you are finding it hard to stick to a habit, find a community that will help you stay accountable to your goals."
    ~ Samantha B., Florida

    "You've sparked something inside of me. I'm not a writer, I struggle with getting my words out, but this has inspired me to get in tune with myself. Your gift of these messages everyday, it gives me ease. You've done the work for me and you're such an intuitive that all the messages align with what I need most of the time. It's like a little lesson of the day. It just makes me feel stronger, like a little guardian angel giving me support."
    ~Judie N., California

    Feeling excited about joining us but 
    have a few questions?

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    Enroll quarterly and get the Feed Your Soul journal as my free gift to you!  

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