Assess Your Mindset
Assess Your Mindset
How Much Negativity Holds You Back?
Embark on a Path to Positivity: Uncover and Transform Your Inner Outlook!
Assess Your Mindset: How Much Negativity Holds You Back?
1. Are you expecting to receive greetings from others without giving any yourself first?
2. When you wake up in the morning, do you ever think, 'Ah, it's work/office/kitchen/class again'?
3. When you meet someone, do you tend to notice their faults more than their positive qualities?
4. Do you experience feelings of inferiority regarding your appearance, body shape, or skin colour?
5. Do you find yourself spending more time on your mobile phone, TV, or computer than engaging in face-to-face social interactions?
6. When chatting with friends or coworkers, do you often find yourselves gossiping about other people's faults or mistakes?
7. Do you find yourself holding onto feelings of anger or hatred for a long time?
8. Do you feel jealous or disheartened when others succeed?
9. Do you purchase consumer goods using credit or instalment plans?
10. Do you frequently experience feelings of depression in your life?
11. Do you communicate with everyone while smiling?
12. Do you find it equally easy to accept criticism and praise?
13. Do you believe in your own abilities and strengths?
14. Do you have a clear purpose for your life and goals?
15. Do you take pleasure in the small moments of everyday life?
16. When you make a mistake, can you set aside your ego and apologise?
17. Do you manage to complete tasks on time?
18. Would you be willing to assist a classmate, colleague, neighbour, or even a competitor in times of need?
19. Do you believe you can achieve great things while staying in your own country?
20. Are you thankful to God for your life and for being in a more fortunate position than many others?
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