Do you feel like you need a new direction in life? You are tired of the same old patterns, same old ways of being, and the same old triggers? You feel there is a deep need for change however you are not sure what your first step is?

This self-guided online program will let you explore your inner self in your own time and space. This course will begin to allow you to re-discover who you are to live a more authentic life. It is the start of the journey of self-awareness, self-love, and self-compassion.

Although this program is designed to allow you to work through each week in your own time there will always be support from me, a Facebook group to join of like-minded people who are also on this journey of self-discovery, and options to upgrade to a few coaching sessions during your four weeks should you feel the need to dive a little deeper or need a gentle guiding hand help you through any areas you may feel stuck.

This program was designed for the women who was a little apprehensive to do face to face coaching or was not quite sure exactly what she needed. This course will assist you to unpack the stuckness. There is a sense of freedom when we being to take our power back and this program will give you the space to do so. 

Although this is a self guided process you have an opportunity at any point during the program to book a session with me. The best part is being apart of this program gives you a 10% discount on any sessions booked within the 4 weeks from time of registration. 

Your investment into this 4-week program is $222

R2222 for my South African clients 

    Do you feel you are ready to begin your journey of self discovery? Then this is the program for you. Here is what you can expect from the program: 

    Parts of this 4-week program:

    Week 1 exploring me

    In this week you will take a deep dive into your Brain Brief Profile as well as your unlocking EQ report. These assessments will give your insight into how your brain processes emotional and rational data. The Unlocking EQ report will explore your emotional intelligence.

    Week 2 body, heart, and mind

    In this week you will begin to explore how you can find a balance between head and heart. Exploring your thinking and feel. Seeing how this affects the way you show up in the world.

    Week 3 Mindset Momentum

    You will begin to explore how your thinking impacts you. You will uncover your negative self-talk, and negative belief systems. Learn tools on how to overcome these negative thoughts to stop the self-sabotage.

    Week 4 Self-love

    You will explore what self-love means to you, how you can begin to cultivate it, and look at how you can begin to practice the all-important self-compassion as you continue this journey of self-discovery.

    Your investment into this 4-week program is $222

    R2222 for my South African clients